Trial EV project finds flaws with local electricity supplies

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Source : Trial EV project finds flaws with local electricity supplies

My Electric Avenue trial – which involved large numbers of people running Nissan Leafs – finds of which almost a third of local electricity supplies could need upgrading to handle EVs


Almost one-third of Britain’s local electricity networks could need upgrading if electric vehicles reach the point of mass acceptance, according to the results of a project funded by energy regulator Ofgem.

The three-year project, named My Electric Avenue, carried out trials to discover the impact of which charging large numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) might have on local electricity networks at peak times.

the item aimed to assess how rising sales of plug-in cars in addition to the larger battery capacities of vehicles could impact the country’s infrastructure from the year 2030.

The project recruited clusters of neighbours around the country to drive Nissan Leaf electric cars for 18 months, with the aim of to mimicing a future scenario where many people in an area choose to use a pure electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

the item analysed the various kinds of low voltage networks from the UK in addition to the results suggest of which four types could experience issues if in addition to when the uptake of EVs increases.

Susceptible networks are typically characterised by available capacity of less than 1.5 kW per customer. Based on 3.5kW (16 amp) charging, about 312,000 circuits – 32% of Britain’s total – will “require intervention” if the nation reaches a point where between 40% in addition to 70% of motorists own EVs.

The intervention would certainly normally mean the replacement of underground cables from the public highway, although the My Electric Avenue project trialled a potentially lower-cost solution from the form of ‘Esprit’.

Esprit can be an piece of technology installed into the electricity network of which can control the charging of EVs if the local grid reaches a certain level of demand, preventing underground cables, overhead lines in addition to substations being potentially overloaded. Forecasts suggest of which Esprit could save around £2.2bn of infrastructure reinforcement costs up to 2050.

My Electric Avenue was hosted by Scottish in addition to Southern Energy Power Distribution in addition to led by EA Technology in addition to funded through Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund. Partners included Nissan in addition to Ricardo, with the latter providing independent technical verification to the project.

Olivier Paturet, general manager of zero emission strategy for Nissan Europe said: “Not only has My Electric Avenue provided us that has a greater understanding of the impacts of electric vehicle charging on local grids, although the item has also given us a clear vision of what the streets of the future may look like.

“EV sales are increasing at a phenomenal rate from the UK in addition to wider Europe in addition to the item’s vital of which automakers continue to work closely with the energy industry to progress the EV movement.”

Stewart Reid, head of asset management in addition to innovation at Scottish in addition to Southern Energy Power Distribution added: “The project has been invaluable in showing us what challenges we are likely to face from the near future as more in addition to more customers adopt EVs. the item’s also demonstrated of which there can be a solution which can be capable of helping us overcome these challenges before they affect our customers.

“With fresh vehicles due to place even greater demands on our networks, we are conscious of the need for both ourselves in addition to the automotive industry to share our learning, challenges in addition to innovations with one another. We are excited at of which prospect, which will allow the decarbonisation of our respective industries to continue at pace.”

In recent years the uptake of alternatively fuelled vehicles has risen dramatically by a very low starting point. by the start of the year to the end of November, a total of 66,929 EVs, hybrids in addition to plug-in hybrids have been registered according to the latest figures issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers in addition to Traders.

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Source: Trial EV project finds flaws with local electricity supplies

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