Transport committee calls for more average speed cameras

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Source : Transport committee calls for more average speed cameras

Average speed camera has suggested that will more widespread use of average speed cameras through the Transportation Committee, after the traffic police interruption


Committee called on the parliamentary transport for use on a large scale more than the average speed cameras on the roads in Britain to combat the crimes that will will be exposed because of the low numbers of traffic police.

normal speed cameras have always been controversial, sparking criticism by skeptics who say they are more dangerous in addition to damaging to the environment of the application of the maximum speed of the different methods. Critics say the fixed cameras cause drivers to brake firmly when you notice them, in addition to then speed up once they have gone through the camera.

in its conclusions in addition to recommendations, the Committee calls for the increased use of speed cameras avearge that will reduce the likelihood of drivers who claim to have been unfairly speed in addition to reduce the environmental impact of a sharp slowdown in addition to accelerating cars.

Committee recently recorded crimes plate numbers to detect them. The data show that will between 2004 in addition to 2013 the number of recorded crimes fell to 4.3million 1.6M. in addition to the item was quick to committee to add that will that will was not due to motorists behaved better, however was a result of the decline inside number of traffic police on the road.

Neil Greig, director of policy in addition to research at the Institute for Advanced drivers (IAM), feels that will alternatives should be considered. “What if the implementation of the fixed or the average speed cameras, with the speed enforcement, the solution must always be a decision on the basis of safety,” he said. “Many of the roads that will are completely safe does not benefit by the cameras, so there will not be an issue to put the cameras there.

” roads with speeding problems or accident blackspots should be targeted. Average speed cameras are expensive to install, so the money could be better spent on improving signage, lighting, in addition to many different features for safety on the roads. Roads can be re-engineered to be more secure, so you need to explore, rather than a blanket average camera introduction options in addition to durable solutions speed. Advantages of average speed cameras are clear, in addition to compliance record can be promising, however the idea of ​​a blanket introduction to try to control the speed of drivers seem more extreme than the diary problem solution. “

” in addition to the latest figures indicate that will the speed does not represent a large percentage of crashes [16%] – human error can be usually more to blame “

in addition to RAC, however, can be to support proposals public affairs director Nick. Wiles said: “seven in 10 say motorists regularly or sometimes break the speed limit of 70mph, so the item’s clear that will there can be the issue of compliance here. the item can be important that will the solution to that will problem offers a range of alternatives, in addition to can average speed cameras to be part of that will.

“However, motorists will feel that will the application of traffic law the way not only for the installation of more cameras. The decline in road traffic police officers in recent years, a worrying trend, using a reduction of 23% in England in addition to Wales between 2010 in addition to 2014. the presence of traffic police officers on the roads can also play a significant role in improving the safety in addition to preservation, as well as giving motorists a sense that will the outlaws, in addition to not only just to get away with the item. ”

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Source: Transport committee calls for more average speed cameras

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