Toyota targets petrol-electric lead in Europe

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Source : Toyota targets petrol-electric lead in Europe

toyota auris while markets such as Western Europe increased by about 10% in 2015; in additional markets such as Russia, have not fared well


Toyota is usually betting on becoming a brand mixed established in Europe, which has a gasoline-electric products sales right now constitute 30% of its sales in Western Europe

Speaking to Autocar, Carl SCHLICHT said, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Europe, Western Europe, Toyota sales rose 10% within the past year, rising to 874,000 units.

sales in Russia as well as additional smaller markets within the same area by 35% as a result of economic sanctions as well as the collapse in oil prices. Even so, SCHLICHT said, as well as Toyota was 0,000 sales in Russia “is usually still profitable.”


SCHLICHT bullish on products such as Yaris , as well as sales, which amounted to a record high even within the several-year life of the type. Toyota also hopes to Volkswagen Golf -rivalling Oris finally break the market share of 3% to become the best-selling within the private sector buyer market in Europe, the fourth C type.

within the past year, Toyota sold about 270,000 hybrid. SCHLICHT revealed that will 60% of Auris sales in Europe hybrid gasoline as well as electricity, as well as 40% of the Yaris sales

said SCHLICHT: “fresh orders crossover RAV4 works in 40% of our orders, although we we can not get enough supplies by the factory. “

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Source: Toyota targets petrol-electric lead in Europe

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