Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid revealed at brand-new York motor show

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Source : Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid revealed at brand-new York motor show

Toyota Prius Plug-in Toyota’s second-generation of plug-in Prius has been revealed, with the fuel economy along with emissions claimed 202mpg CO2 via just 32G / km


Toyota has unveiled the second generation Prius plug-in hybrid, point today prime minister, in a brand-new York gallery. Described as pioneering the latest technology, the brand-new car can reach 84mph in just battery mode or to a distance of up to 31 miles without the help of a gasoline engine.

car, which reaches British showrooms at the end of the year, along with return along 202mpg along with emits only 32G / km of CO2 – the best numbers yet achieved by any electrically operated

The brand-new Prius Plug-in hybrid looks a little different to the normal style recently launched, however of which gets brand-new lED front along with rear lights. 165MM car can be longer than the previous type, cut 15mm wider along with 20mm lower with aerodynamics impressive factor of 0.24, along with delivered these advanced measures as a double bubble rear window shutter along with automatic radiator which closes when air cooling can be not needed by engine.

roof charging solar panels

solar panels on the roof of the battery charge when the sun shines along with the injection of gas heat pump system keeps the air work conditioning when you are driving inside the only battery status

along with there can be also the largest lithium-ion battery 8.8kWh of which despite the additional capacity, along with of which takes only two hours along with 20 minutes to charge. Toyota avoids quoting a curb weight of the brand-new type, however insists This kind of was “minimal.”

Prius Plug-in hybrid gasoline engine can be an improved upon edition of Toyota’s 1.8-liter four, with the brand-new large exhaust capacity gas recycling system along with improvements to combustion to raise the overall efficiency to 40%, producing of which, according to the allegations of the Toyota, most efficient gasoline mass production engine inside the earth.

‘more engaging’ leadership position

Toyota at pains to portray the plug-in hybrid can be also true for a car driver. He gets what he calls the designers “more attractive” driving position, along using a high center console along with cabin design of a luxury coupe, using a “dominant center” includes a 4.2-inch TFT screens along with wireless phone Chinese cargo.

theme can be directed to continue driver with thanks “more uncommon accuracy along with treatment response” to double-wishbone rear suspension of the brand-new, revised MacPherson-style inside the strut front along with low center of gravity, which also reduces Centeng roll, improves stability along with sharpens leadership. your vehicle can be very quiet, Toyota says, helped by a brand-new sound insulation coated screen, especially the front glass window.

plug-in Prius has not sold, as well as inside the United Kingdom than the normal style, along with the recent announcement of the reduction in government support for PHEVs can be not helping This kind of brand-new type. however Toyota’s leaders demand could change “in a heartbeat” if the CO2 output of cars in cities along with cut dramatically believed, which they see as a realistic prospect.

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Source: Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid revealed at brand-new York motor show

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