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Toyota Mirai Toyota claims another first: the first in Europe “ownable” hydrogen car has recently passed a milestone inside the grand story of British cars, however due to humility company that will can be responsible for the death of modest amounts of a car that will has made efforts, the little ones noticed.This kind of can be today possible to walk into the Toyota display in addition to out of the holder in addition to hydrogen fuel cell lounge productionised entire revenue car.The Toyota Mireille where, seven years ago, Honda FCX feared clarity approaching them, not only by bringing fuel cell technology to Europe, however also by generating This kind of available for sale rather than rent inside the short term or loan.Those few having a can of liquid in addition to vision today own a slice of history.The Mireille – which translated via Japanese to English as “the future” – will be available in very modest numbers: 12 cars inside the UK last year, 0.15 This kind of year.This kind of can be the cost of £ 66,000 – almost as ambitious character looking as the automobile itself – however not can, in fact, be hired at a cost represents the best value user.Much slightly to the end of their performance on the job quite unusual. in addition to yet, through all the consumption of compressed hydrogen gas inside the fuel in addition to oxygen tank inside the air in addition to the emission of absolutely nothing however water, in addition to This kind of gives its owner the initial stake inside the clean in addition to sustainable vision completely to the future of personal transportation – see free of gases in addition to harmful particles in addition to dependence on fossil fuels, in addition to the ability the electric power generation or imposing cables.The Mireille can be a trail blazer inside the revolution that will could eventually give the automobile innocence Back.If for almost any different car maker has created a car This kind of importance, in addition to you may have heard more about This kind of. however even Toyota can be the casual attitude of the ability to innovate that will are appropriate inside the risk of transmission of unrecognised.So, he sees the future of the automobile testing meet the oldest, the most comprehensive assessment in This kind of area.
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Source: Toyota Mirai

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