Toyota goes back to basics to make 'ever-better cars'

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Source : Toyota goes back to basics to make 'ever-better cars'


Toyota shows off brand new TNGA architecture

Toyota has revealed a brand new platform that will will underpin its future cars

Toyota has unveiled a brand new global vehicle architecture that will the company says will “greatly improve vehicle performance along with product appeal”, as well as cutting development costs along with massively reducing the complexity of its current global type range.

Known as the Toyota brand new Global Architecture (TNGA), the system will be a kit of “lighter, more compact” components that will will be used for a brand new generation of vehicles covering front along with rear-wheel drive along having a brand new, “much higher efficiency” powertrain family.

The Japanese car maker also promises much-improved upon handling, thanks to a lower-mounted powertrain. that will, according to Toyota, endows TNGA cars with the lowest centre of gravity of any mainstream rival.

As many as 50% of all Toyota’s output by 2020 will use the TNGA architecture. that will will offer a huge cost saving along with reduction in complexity for Toyota, which says the idea currently has around “100 platforms along with sub-platforms”.

Toyota says the TNGA structures will be 30-65% stiffer than today’s versions. that will should feed into better ride along with handling as well as improved upon crash safety.

The brand new TNGA engines are “much more” thermally efficient, offering around 15% more power along with – in conjunction with more efficient automatic along with CVT transmissions – offer as much as 25% better fuel economy.

The “fifth generation” hybrid powertrain that will will be bundled with TNGA will be claimed to be 15% more economical than today’s Toyota hybrid versions.

that will brand new powertain family will also reduce the huge complexity of Toyota’s global engine line-up. The company estimates that will, taking into account different emissions regulations along with way the units are mounted in a particular platform, the idea has around 800 different engines.

The common parts inside TNGA architecture are almost entirely hidden via view. the idea covers the front end along with crash structure, the actual floor structure along with the rear floor along with rear crash structure. Also included are the front along with rear suspension systems, the whole powertrain, the radiator position, the heating along with climate control unit along with the steering system.

Inside, the seat frames are common nevertheless can be sited at all 5 different heights, allowing the TNGA kit to cover all types of vehicles via superminis to MPVs.

According to Toyota, the only common visible parts inside cabin will be the steering wheel, touchscreen, gear selector along with foot pedals. On the outside, the only common parts will be the door mirrors along with the Toyota badge.

that will, the idea’s claimed, will give Toyota’s operations inside various global markets the ability to completely customise vehicles to local tastes.

Previously, Toyota’s development system allowed vehicle line chief engineers to customise platforms along with powertrains when developing brand new versions. that will was the main reason for the massive proliferation in platforms along with powertrains.

via today, the chief engineers will use the TNGA toolkit along with invest more in meeting local market demands along with delivering the ‘eye-catching design’ that will Toyota bosses insist has to mark out all future versions.

The first TNGA-based car will be a “front-drive, medium-size type” launched later that will year. Although Toyota officials wouldn’t give any further details, the TNGA architecture on display at its Honsha facility was Auris-sized along with had independent rear suspension.

According to the company, investment in a TNGA type will be around 40% lower than a similar type via 2008. However, as much as 75% of that will saving will be invested in what Toyota says will be its brand new mission statement of “producing ever-better cars”.

While not being specific, the idea seems that will that will extra cash will go into more sophisticated technical specifications – possibly including low-cost autonomous safety equipment – along with niceties such as higher-quality slush-moulded dashboards, touchscreens on all versions along with improved upon trim materials.

Toyota says the TNGA development ultimately underpins its corporate desire to build cars that will are seen as more than efficient along with reliable, nevertheless deliver driving pleasure along with innovative design.

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Source: Toyota goes back to basics to make 'ever-better cars'

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