Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars

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Source : Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars

Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars
ever wonder if you are the only person who avoids buying a particular car because they are ugly?
JD Power as well as also Associates released the results of the 2016 study skirted American cars, as well as also revealed the main reasons for car shoppers avoid some cars. This kind of can be the year of the study within the 13 as well as also looking into the reasons for consumers to buy, as well as also to avoid rejection of the products within the market.

Here are the top 5 reasons why car shoppers avoid some cars between the brand can be the premium products.

(5). You do not want within the picture depicts a car

0.16 within the percent of those surveyed said they were pain ‘t like the image depicts a certain car. Maybe some shoppers do not like the idea of ​​owning Toyota Prius or Chevrolet volts depicts an image of being “green.” Or maybe of which falling behind the wheel of a car Mazda Miyata the idea insinuates of which you are having a mid-life crisis.

(4). Costs a lot of money

This kind of one may not come as a surprise, yet 17 percent said shoppers car they avoided certain car because the idea costs a lot of money. Most car shoppers have seen before: see the automobile of their dreams on a lot deal while walking cautiously for more than a sticker within the window. Then their eyes catch a sign higher than the expected cost as well as also were walking quickly away uninterested.

(3). Concerned about the reliability

became Reliability car an increasingly important factor when deciding what vehicle to buy. In This kind of year’s study, the idea indicated 17 percent expressed concern about the reliability when the idea came to avoiding certain car, a statistic of which probably does not bode well for the Fiat Chrysler (FCA), which finds routinely brands at the bottom of the annual JD Power’s study of reliability.

(2). I did not like her an inside look or design

Sometimes, no matter how great a car the idea seems through the outside as well as also there are some items of which can not get past once you get into the cabin. Perhaps the idea can be a very nice, or maybe the idea’s too flashy, or sometimes the idea’s because some of the buttons or knobs (or lack thereof – we’re looking at you, Honda) can be not only where the idea should be intuitive. In any case, avoid 18 percent of shoppers certain car because the Inside just does not appeal to them.

(1). I do not like to look at the external surfaces design or design

The most important reason shoppers avoid some of the cars can be of which they simply I did not like the external appearance or design. Made an overwhelming 31 percent said the reason for leaving the automobile behind on a lot sale, proving how important cars must look if the idea hopes to achieve success within the market. Perhaps with This kind of reason the Pontiac Aztek was never considered a success, as well as also earn the same prizes such as L.A. Visits naming the idea the “worst cars sold than ever before in America.”


Source: Top 5 Reasons Why Car Shoppers Avoid Certain Cars

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