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The top 10 best-selling cars in Britain newer cars best-seller list in Britain hints at the changing trends as well as common shows via some of the stalwarts. Even cars in which are on the top along with who is usually at the top?


brands along with versions founded dominate the top 10 list of the best selling cars inside the United Kingdom along with the rules of the Supreme hatchback. although the sales list in 2016 so far show in which some of the latest additions roads in Britain are growing in popularity, perhaps foreshadowing a change in preferences among buyers.


latest year figures until the end of August, showing in which superminis are the order of the day. Continue Ford holiday travel outside of dealerships, with Vauxhall Corsa’s hunt, although a bit hard behind in overall sales. Ford battle compact hatchback also won, that has a focus attract a lot of fans, although Volkswagen Golf retains fourth place despite adversity Volkswagen recently.

April Qashqai image shows the popularity of the continuing operations of the smaller move by upholding the fifth place they achieved in 2015. At the same time, Vauxhall Mokka for-10 overall inside the past year – rose yet to ninth place [

Vauxhall Astra continues to sell well, although not inside the numbers needed to the problem of focus, along with the Volkswagen Polo shows in which there are a lot of buyers are willing to pay extra for supermini more neat.

latest generation along with Statistics rose to eighth place via a position 2015 of the ninth along with Mercedes-Benz a secure place 10TH impressive with the latest C-Class.

1: Ford Fiesta –76 370

was Britain’s favorite holiday for decades along with in which shows no signs of change, despite the fact in which the latest incarnation he is usually right now eight years old. Sales figures well ahead of the nearest competitor, although in which’s not the cheapest option in in which segment. along with they deserved to sales performance well, though. Ford supermini described as “impressive significantly” in our review of the four-star, lavishing praise in particular on the ride along with handling, internal quality along with smooth engine group.

2: Vauxhall Corsa –50 355

along with Corsa is usually another Dean established inside the UK along with Vauxhall along with permanent rival feast. The latest generation arrived in 2014 along with offers something for everyone, via the 74bhp 1.4-liter petrol option to 202bhp snoring VXR copy. in which’s competitively priced, disks, along with rides well specced along with has been designed specifically to satisfy the large, well-established fan base for the Corsa. in which’s hard to see in which dropping away in in which list.

3: Ford Focus –46 145

along with issued focus outstanding campaign since replaced the Escort with aplomb in 1998, in which is usually offering etiquette wonderful the way the cost of the volume. in which was very Great, in fact, in which we were a little wish of mitigating the dynamics of the latest edition. although also notes our review, in which’s still very attractive, complete car. in which looks Great, is usually proud, strong economic engine range along with offers a lot of quality for the money.

4: Volkswagen Golf –43 951

a short distance behind the focus, golf is usually various other wounds inside the name of the vehicle in which will attract hordes of fanatical fans to keep riding high inside the charts, along with even issues with Volkswagen recently. Emissions concerns aside, the game seventh generation Golf is usually a consummate all-rounder. In our review we launched the 4.5-star hatchback best inside the earth, along with we will stand by in which assessment.

5: Qashqai –39 674

is usually in which truly a decade since the crossover right now everywhere April along with I reached for the 1st time? The combination of the size hatchback along with pretexts SUV has proven a huge draw for customers, along with in which’s right now the best-selling crossover inside the country, leaving a trail of imitators in its wake. style of the second generation, which was released in 2014, keeps high along with vital economic along with domestic standards, in which earned 4.5-star review of the way the test team. in which’s no wonder the company’s holding inside the sales charts.

(6): Vauxhall Astra –35 276


Astra is usually always something of also ran on Ford the focus, although the latest generation, launched in 2015, is usually a car quite decent in itself. Well equipped along with with the treatment of acute economic engines, in which earned a strong four-star review via the United States category, despite the fact in which we have reservations about riding along with design. Overall, even though they deserve to be considered one of the best compact gates in which can be purchased.

7: Volkswagen Polo –33 877

supermini Volkswagen offers Volkswagen touch more sophistication along with evolution of Fiesta along with Corsa, albeit at a higher cost. in which’s much more mature along with conservative in behavior, although there is usually a large section of the British population in which embraces these qualities, along with in which is usually the reason polo is usually the highest 10-burly along with scored four stars in our review. right now inside the fifth generation, in which can be easily mistaken for the smaller Golf, which is usually not a bad thing.

8: Statistics –27 713

Discharge of the third generation of the «fresh» Statistics in 2014 pushed climbing abundant hatchback into the top 10 list of best-selling books inside the United Kingdom, we are happy to see him here because in which is usually a great little car. In our review of the 4.5-star style Cooper, we applauded the fresh maturity along with quality in which we have obtained via a shortage of cars earlier. Nor does in which still hangs on to the feeling of pleasure in which attracted the attention of a lot of people inside the first place.

9: Vauxhall Mokka – 27545

may be named after a type of coffee, although in which HASN “t dampened demand for option / SUV only Vauxhall’s. we were not exactly wowed by the Mokka, giving in which 3.5 stars, although in which is usually a strong effort via Vauxhall in which the practical application provides a well packaged along with value for money. those are the qualities of an estimated audience clearly along with Mokka along with climb up the sales charts accordingly.

10: Mercedes-Benz C-Class –26 391

in which’s unusual for a car premium to find herself inside the top 10, although in which is usually proof of the appeal C-class, especially among customers fleet, along with in which is usually to convert a large number of units of the Mercedes. look like mini S-class does not hurt the latest edition, which has been launched in 2014. in which offers excellent review which received a four-star test of our team, who fell to the Inner surface looks along with alluring them with high quality. Great residual values ​​do any harm either.

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Source: Top 10 best-selling cars in Britain

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