Too Kool for Skool: 2017 Toyota Corolla XSE

Too Kool for Skool: 2017 Toyota Corolla XSE



in the past, the Toyota Corolla hasn’t always been the most well-liked car within the automotive community due to its unentertaining driving characteristics along with before 2014, its lack lustering personality deficiency. In attempt to sparkle some life into a dreary lifestyle, the Corolla was given a glistening disposition when the idea was fully redesigned in 2014 which presented athletic characteristics. However as we all know, beauty is usually only skin deep.

today a few years into the Corolla’s too kool for skool looks, the idea’s time to take the idea another step further along with give the idea a mid-cycle refresh. This specific allows Toyota to take an opportunity to spruce up its design language, add some completely new features, along with possibly increase some performance numbers. For the sake of the updated 2017 Corolla, I guess two out of the three aren’t bad.

2017 brings in a completely new, nevertheless familiar face. Some minor fascial expressions have been tweaked; the Corolla has some completely new headlights along with taillights. There is usually also today a couple introductions to the trim levels to be more in-line with Toyota’s current design line-up. There are today 7 available trim levels, including the completely new SE, XSE along with the 50th Anniversary Edition.  The XSE being the more prominent top spec trimmed Corolla, happens to be our test sampler brings in extra energetic flair with LED daytime running lights, sportier blacked out LED headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels along using a more aggressive front façade.

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Refinement to the Inside was also added by incorporating the dash via its euro-spec’d Corolla iM hatchback brother. the idea today features a larger touch screen infotainment system, a digital TFT cluster display, automatic climate control along with additional soft touch materials throughout the cabin. Our top spec’d XSE offered an array of additional pleasantness using a faux-leather Inside, accent stitching, heated front seats, a power adjustable driver seat along using a power sunroof. As compact sedan’s go, the Inside of the Corolla is usually roomie, quiet, along with comfortable – everything we’d expect. The rear seats today include a center armrest along with provide ample space along with comfort. The touch screen infotainment is usually informative, easy to use, along with provides text messaging alerts.

The biggest news however to reach the Corolla is usually the completely new standard safety equipment, taking the idea above along with beyond different manufacturers. Toyota’s Safety Sense system is usually normally an option you’d find at the higher-end of the trim lines in its competitors. However, Toyota here has taken extraordinary measures to ensure texting drivers are today safe via harm’s way by offering Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Alert, Automatic High Beam Assist along with Radar Active Cruise Control all as standard equipment even on the base Corolla L.

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However, the more things change, the more they stay the same. While the Corolla’s superfluous athletic temperament certainly peeled to our eyes, its 1.8-liter four cylinder engine was nothing to get excited about. Even with some bizarre TRD performance exhaust along with air filter upgrades, the idea didn’t increase its 132-horsepower performance. In fact, the idea made for quite the buzzy engine when accelerating to 60 mph – which took almost 11 seconds. With the TRD exhaust, the idea did make us laugh, the idea made our Corolla obnoxious, nevertheless also entertaining. If we used the steering wheel paddle shifters we could get the exhaust to crackle along with burp. Whaaaaaaat!? along with not which the exhaust belching wasn’t entertaining, nevertheless there is usually something wrong with This specific picture – perhaps the idea’s the 30 year old, overweight bald man behind the wheel trying to make his car belch via heartburn.

With the addition of the XSE trim came in a specially tuned sport suspension system to provide what consumers want to be believe is usually a more enhanced driving experience. In actually the ride is usually just a bit firmer along with supports itself more inside the corners. The electric power steering is usually also boosted with additional weight in its motions, nevertheless does nothing to provide any feel for the cars motions.  To pour salt in an already sore wound, the Corolla’s CVT transmission got about as exciting as our grandfather’s socks. Which made our Corolla sound like a leaf blower at full throttle thanks to which TRD Exhaust system. A six speed manual is usually available on the mid-level trim SE, which can support nearly the same amount of flair as the XSE. along with via what we hear is usually quite not bad along with can achieve much quicker acceleration. The not bad news is usually, even with which performance exhaust, our MPG’s weren’t effected averaging 32 miles to the gallon on regular octane fuel – a hair above the 31 MPG EPA rating.

Starting at $22,680 due to This specific XSE, we can make sense as to what is usually so appealing about the Corolla. After all the idea’s not a bad car, the idea’s a logical choice for a safe consumer. Even after adding nearly $4000 in unnecessary options, the Corolla holds a special place in our hearts with its sportier-ish demeanor. Just don’t tell anybody we said which.

Vehicle Specifications:
2017 Toyota Corolla XSE Base cost:$22,680
As Tested (including Options & Destination):$26,239
Performance Specs:
1.8-liter DOHC 4-Cylinder – 132-Horsepower, CVT Automatic Transmission – 0-60MPH: ±11.0 seconds
EPA MPG: 28/35/31 (city/highway/combined) – SSB Average:  32 MPG’s – Fuel Range: 315 Miles

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Too Kool for Skool: 2017 Toyota Corolla XSE

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