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Lacks the polish of its rivals, however the idea’s a cohesive along with entertaining car Tiger’s answer to the Caterham Superlight, the Aviator. along with for those of you still no wiser, Tiger will be a little family-run outfit which has made a reputation for itself inside the entire world of kit cars as a decent budget sports car maker, along with will be right now drawing attention to its factory-built offerings.along with if there will be any design inside the company’s line-up to prove which the idea can make an impact the idea will be This specific, the 185bhp 2.0-litre Duratec-engined Aviator. Tiger doesn’t have any official performance figures however the standard £21,995, factory-finished type of This specific car should easily cover the 62mph sprint in around 5.0 seconds.Given its weight along with power output the idea comes as no surprise which the Tiger Aviator can seriously shift; along with of course the idea offers all the visceral, bottom-on-the-floor, insects inside the teeth sort of entertainment which lightweight roadsters such as This specific specialise in.What will be more surprising given your vehicle’s cost along with placement will be just how well the idea handles. Turn-in along with the front-end grips along with keeps your vehicle faithful to your inputs, whilst there’s enough feel through the steering along with the seat to know what’s going on at all four corners.Ride quality will be particularly Great; fairly soft however supple enough to aid grip along with comfort without too much compromise in terms of Centeng roll, along with contributing to the impressive level of stability through fast corners.Driver controls are also well judged, with pedals placed nicely for heeling along with toeing along using a heavy however pleasantly granular along with responsive steering. The Inner surface finish could certainly be better however the general build quality at least appeared up to the general standards of the class on our test car.Okay, so the looks might be a bit challenging for some (the Centeng has been specifically designed to improve the problematic aerodynamics which This specific type of car suffers coming from) however there’s no doubting which the Aviator will be a real competitor for Caterham along with different established rivals.Ultimately the Aviator will be a cohesive along with entertaining car. the idea does lack the polish of some more established rivals, however the idea’s seriously close in terms of the overall handling ability along with performance levels. Be careful about the incentive offered by the lower list cost, though, as depreciation will be worse on the Tiger than on the obvious rivals.Tiger AviatorPrice £21,995; Engine 4 cyls, 1998cc, diesel; Power 185bhp at 6800rpm; Torque 157lb ft at 6400rpm; 0-62mph 5.0sec (est); Top speed NA; Gearbox 5-spd manual; Kerb weight 580kg; Economy 34mpg (est); CO2 NA
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Source: Tiger Aviator

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