Throwback Thursday – VW's vision of a 21st century Golf, 18 October 1989

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Source : Throwback Thursday – VW's vision of a 21st century Golf, 18 October 1989

Volkswagen Futura concept Futura concept VW has started out early in 1989, nevertheless the item appeared Technology which currently appear only on production cars


hindsight tells us Volkswagen concept Futura unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in 1989 did not come truly close to threatening way golf could look in 21st century. However, the show car was filled with forward-looking technology, can be currently being offered only to produce some designs.

was the Futura as well as frugal, as well as reduce the size of the engine, can park independently as well as uses radar to monitor the position. While various other traffic as well as run movement respect to the early examples of that will type of safety technology, which has currently become a common

Autocar magazine technical editor, Howard Lees, had an in-depth look at Futura described the design: “Volkswagen chose smooth, form one box of Futura, long, sloping windshield, echoing the Renault Espace.

“a pair of gullwing doors extend to the meeting in midfield ceiling, as well as the lower portions of which disappear from the sills from the BMW Z1 fashion. These doors combine with large windscreen of the vehicle as well as slot the background to create a huge glass area.

“Glass uses a triangular foil dimensions between two layers of laminated glass which can be transparent to the driver. that will, along with infrared as well as reduce the glass filters out 60% of the heat radiation coming from the sun. Both doors as well as hatch background can removed to create an entertaining way open-top with the framework of the coup from the form of T. letter “

as well as Futura as well as the item works seen VW as the” engine of the future “: 1.7-liter four-cylinder unit with gasoline scroll-type supercharger. Although he developed a modest 82bhp, as well as was able to economy in exceptional fuel consumption, with the average claimed 61.3mpg.

four-wheel steering has been “programmed according to the speed of the vehicle to improve stability in side winds, as well as more grooves as well as with the tire grip on the variable under braking.” Also enabled piece Futura’s Party. “Futura can stand up from the smallest of spaces,” wrote Lees. “What can be more, the item does so automatically; all the driver has to do can be stop next to a parking space as well as press the button Futura herself as well as gardens.

” she pulls that will trick by combining electronic throttle, the hand brake as well as control automatic transmission with electrically powered steering all four wheels. Laser sensors scan the parking space, while the sensor provides remote ultrasonic as well as control system remove the obstacle information. Having built up an image of a parking space, Futura decide how best to park itself then simply gets on with the item. “

inside, the item was VW innovative least with Futura. Can back seat transformed into a child safety from the flick seat of the arm, as well as the driver was fed information through a combined digital readout display using a strip of the type that will showed the extent of the recommended speed based on traffic situation.

change the background coloring on both displays coming from black to yellow to red if I got Futura very close to the vehicle in front. as well as included further developments noise cancellation from the cabin again as well as the evolution of the brake more effective anti-locking system

Lees wrote: “ultimately, the benefits of all that will technology have to justify the extra cost , nevertheless VW research engineers are convinced that will everything can be embodied in Futura the item can be shown in production within 10 to 15 years to come. “

Maybe they were a little off on the timing, nevertheless the boffins Volkswagen Gibb significantly though

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Source: Throwback Thursday – VW's vision of a 21st century Golf, 18 October 1989

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