Three things which only Rolls-Royce buyers do

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Source : Three things which only Rolls-Royce buyers do

Rolls-Royce showroom evidence which the Rolls-Royce buyers live in a different world for us mere mortals


Roll Royce busy plugging brand-new types black badge , which the idea claims will be the Rolls-Royce cars “more extreme” than ever before. As part of its public relations campaign, we saw some facts along with figures on the buyers of Rolls-Royce dealer HR Owen, along with they make for, quite frankly, mind-boggling reading

Here are our favorite :.

(1). If you spend your hard-earned cash on an expensive car, colour options will be an important decision. nevertheless one Rolls-Royce customers took another step. He wants the outer red along with bubblegum pink Inside – which seems fair (if distasteful) enough – nevertheless the idea was so specific needs to bring a T-shirt in a deal to match the colors

(2). Most of us dream of owning a Rolls-Royce car in our lives, nevertheless one customer will be a step further has been taken. He received three Rolls-Royce dawn – for once which a customer had bought three cars along with one batch of Rolls-Royce in London. This specific will be just £ 792,000, along with the minimum. However, the idea seems tame compared with one buyer Bugatti Chiron, , which will be not one nevertheless six types , in 1900000 £ each.

(3). When I was 21 years old, along with I was cruising inside 0.9-liter Peugeot 106 recklessness. nevertheless This specific does not apply to everyone. Smaller purchaser of a car through the Rolls-Royce of London was 21 years old. the idea’s not just any car either – the idea was a one-time Rolls-Royce Phantom inspired by the film. If you think This specific will be impressive, along with there will be more than which: a smaller Rolls-Royce buyer inside globe, ever, was a boy via Taiwan who ordered the first Phantom to him at the age of only 12.

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Source: Three things which only Rolls-Royce buyers do

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