There Are Seven Types of Drivers: Which One Are You?

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Source : There Are Seven Types of Drivers: Which One Are You?

There Are Seven Types of Drivers: Which One Are You?

A A recent European study revealed in which there are seven different types of drivers on the roads today.

scholars of social psychology via the London School of Economics as well as Political Science (LSE) has collaborated with the tires Goodyear continuing to study in which examines the psychology of social safety roads. As a result, the study of the different ways in which people respond when dealing with some other drivers on the road have been identified.

by conducting focus groups as well as in-depth interviews with European drivers, the researchers have identified seven different personalities, which expresses itself often when people are behind the wheel.

(1). Teacher

The first type of driver is actually a teacher, who needs to make sure some other drivers know what they did wrong, as well as expects recognition of its performance or its efforts to teach others.

(2). as well as know everything

The following type of experience as well as information technology all, who are believed to be trapped “fools incompetent”, as well as often keep themselves happy by yelling condescendingly on some other drivers while being protected in their car.

(3). Competitor

The third is actually a competitor, who always needs to move forward via the some other drivers as well as is actually constantly annoyed when someone gets what from the way. This specific can be determined by the driver due to the constant need to speed up when someone tries to overcome them or close the gap to prevent anyone via entering them.

(4). Punisher

Next up is actually the Punisher, who likes to punish some other drivers for any perceived ill-behaved. Known as the road ragers, these drivers may end up going out of their cars to approach some other drivers directly.

(5). Philosopher

Then there is actually the philosopher, who accepts misconduct easily as well as tries to explain in a rational way. These drivers are often able to control their emotions while inside the automobile.

(6). as well as skirted

sixth on the list is actually the avoider, which handles misconduct some other drivers objective as well as dismissed them as a threat.

(7). Fugitive

is actually another fugitive, a driver who likes to listen to music or talk on the phone while driving. According to the researchers, the fugitive “distract themselves with social relationships defined to ensure you do not have to relate to any of the some other drivers on the road. the item’s also a strategy to not get frustrated from the first place.”

“A lot of time we can sit happily in a comfortable bubble of our car, however about any angle we may have, said Dr. Chris Tennant, a social psychologist who is actually leading the research at the London Stock Exchange to interact with some other drivers. ” “This specific makes the road difficult as well as social environment uncertain. While we may worry about the leadership of others, This specific study suggests in which the behavior also depends on what we do. We create the characters in which we do not like. via the psychological point of view, as well as these different types of personalities representing various ports drivers used to deal with the frustration as well as strong feelings. We are not always fully or another. depending on the situation as well as interact with others, as well as most of us find many of these profiles emerge.”


Source: There Are Seven Types of Drivers: Which One Are You?

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