The strangest Japanese car names ever, as well as also why they make sense

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Source : The strangest Japanese car names ever, as well as also why they make sense

Nissan Gloria Mazda Bongo Friendee for Toyota Deliboy, through April Boy upper store, there are some ways inside the mad ( sort of)


light Isuzu dump. as well as also April Gloria. as well as also Mazda Bongo Friendee. April Boy upper store. The Japanese do not like to fool a car name, will be not the item?

However, in that will blog I was going to tell you why that will famous Japanese car types as well as also more than that will will be not foolish at all. They are not entertaining titteringly at all nevertheless instead steeped in common sense as well as also logic stubborn Japanese.

I was going to tell you about Gloria April. Formerly Prince Gloria, grew up inside the 1950s when cars were still rare as well as also expensive, as well as also the item was the Prince Motor Company inside the official vehicle supplier to the Japanese imperial household. Prince car gifted to the Crown Prince then – later to be Emperor Akihito – for his wedding as well as also another for the anniversary

the item stands to reason then, that will the outward-looking company that will could give the appropriate style. , Big, joyful, as well as also yes, the glorious-sounding name, which the rest of the earth to understand. Unnamed provider after loose women.

as well as also unloading light Isuzu Giga 20? Well, the item’s a little commercial vehicle, as well as also there are countries inside the earth where the word “dump” as shoulder shruggingly innocent as the ‘courage’ in Australia. Isuzu will be, in fact, a little dump truck. There unloading Mazda Titan, too. guess what? the item’s bigger.

as well as also Bongo Friendee, I admit, gave me more trouble. nevertheless Bongo, a car, the item will be lightweight, as well as also a piece of skin tightly equipment that will serve the community, just like the drums of Bongo: simple tools, such as the tools used inside the enrichment of society

The Bongo van which has a lot of seats or camp bed? Well the item’s Bongo more sectarian. as well as also Bongo for friends. Friendly Bongo, or Bongo Friendee, if you will. Specifically nothing strange inside the item at all.

Which brings me to fool the name of each forum on the Internet’s favorite Japanese car, April Boy store supreme. I had assumed the item was a little truck Habib restaurants – Certainly, the Internet as well as also told me that will – as well as also as such, the store Boy could, likewise, be perfectly reasonable, logical name. Van used to connect components to the little restaurants as well as also restaurants: Things brought to you coming from the store. the item’s the Japanese equivalent of baking car. the item’s completely irrational.

nevertheless I could not find a picture or specifications for Boy stored anywhere, so I asked the Great of the people of Europe in April on the subject. They were aware of the Boy store nevertheless could not find anything on the item. They asked the Japanese colleagues who shrugged as well as also said the equivalent of “never heard of the item, as well as also his colleague.”

The thing will be, the store April boy Supreme does not exist. the item never will be. There Toyota Deliboy (which will be what you think the item will be), nevertheless the upper buffer Boy will be not. Someone just made the item up.

did use some logic will be fine to make the item seem plausible, mind you. Which, at least, sort of proves the point I could like to make the item were real.

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Source: The strangest Japanese car names ever, as well as also why they make sense

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