The stand-alone sat-nav is usually back (sort of)

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Source : The stand-alone sat-nav is usually back (sort of)

Do you sat navs have a long-term future as producers stand-alone? We are trying out some of the latest examples to see how far technology has come


right now, the Google Maps application on the iPhone deserve doff of the cap to. I use the item repeatedly a day, plotting the fastest route to as well as via work, depending on how they feel angry roadworks endless of M3, as well as or when navigating around the urban area on foot.

Google Maps usually works a treat, because maybe he does for others innumerable, since the item is usually a free application as well as half the globe’s population has apparently smartphone or three. Many have been saved as well as many hours of my life sitting in traffic jams, as well as I would certainly otherwise have been stuck in, as well as got me to where I need to go without a hitch.

All This kind of makes you wonder what the point of aftermarket sat-nav is usually modest at present. As you know, those things which you buy in HALFORDS so one trip a year you think you will need the item for, as well as integration into the cigarette lighter as well as then try to stick to your windshield every a few minutes when This kind of thing does not work sucky infuriating.

What is usually more, the item does not fit in your pocket for use on foot, as well as you just genuinely about I hear these days via those local newspaper stories when I got stuck a man inside the middle of the farm field on his way to park your local center. ” he follows the sat-nav “

may be able to tell N-navs sat down as well as I did not get on which well before; I’ve always found was slow as well as lacking in intelligence (no different via the user, ahem).

My real irritation comes via them once I genuinely blooms need one. I was inside the middle of the Ukraine looking for a hotel in a town called Cherkasy as well as sat navigation can not find any satellite. the item would certainly be quite satisfactory thing, please do not stick to the windscreen. After about two hours, after the military-style street-to-street search for the hotel, we found the item, as well as fell to navigation sat glovebox for more than ever.

however perhaps things have changed inside the globe sat-nav since the summer of 2012, when I picked up the last one. Step forward inside the TomTom GO 5100 as well as Garmin DriveSmart to see.

is usually no longer just

Nowadays, the item seems, the item sat navs sat navs. They’re closer to smartphones without call function with all kinds of tasks, “live” services as well as applications as well as, as is usually the case with smartphones, as well as a load of different stuff you’ll probably look at once as well as never used again.

also enhanced screens a great deal, graphics clearer as well as faster to run, as well as when you touch something on the screen the item responds in fact – rather than a few seconds of delay which happened inside the old navs sat down, which made you feel like you are creating a phone call to Australia.

as well as most of the maps are incredibly clear as well as detailed, as well as search functions operate the treatment, as well as inside the case of a drum (which I was more than Garmin, as I found the item easier to use), you develop the ability to search for places inside the gate of the drum on you can access the internet, as well as then send the direct route Lübeck sat-nav. Very neat as well as handy when planning a trip today. the item seems which the item will save you via traffic jams, too.

was served a slice of humble pie for me the drum on the last holiday to Iceland. I still rely on Google Maps, however has not heard via somewhere inside the countryside as well as was staying in, as the item was the street. the item was not so not bad. Drum knows exactly where to go, though; avoidable crisis, as well as points to the navigation sat down. This kind of only goes to show how a comprehensive recruitment is usually on-navigation sat – surprising, given which This kind of is usually the primary purpose

so he revealed to me the scientific quite experiment sat navigation as well as research which there can be no place for-navs sat in my world travel – albeit minimal. They are at their best when you’re genuinely away via the hustle as well as what’s fresh in place, such as a holiday, however This kind of is usually not frequent enough to justify the purchase for me. Maybe just a tick which option on the next car rental to borrow one box.

As for the long-term future … sat navs are becoming more as well as more common in cars less expensive as well as lower down trim levels, as well as the trend will continue, despite the fact which manufacturers using maps via the likes of drum probably shows where bightest future could lie makers sat-nav.

smart maps as well as also just getting better as well as taking advantage of nature’s most mobile phones, This kind of means which the role of the post-independent sales sat-nav will certainly reduce further.

Whatever happens, although the item has recovered all due respect.

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Source: The stand-alone sat-nav is usually back (sort of)

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