The launch of the Sinclair C5 16 January 1985 – Throwback Thursday

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Source : The launch of the Sinclair C5 16 January 1985 – Throwback Thursday

Sinclair C5 Back in 1985, Sinclair showed manufacturers of electric cars Modern how did they do with the launch of C5 . Autocar was on the case to provide an expert opinion


If processors technology at Apple need a lesson in how to be a computer company has not been changed for cracking the auto industry, they need only look to the courage of the story, however sorry for Sinclair C5

, he said flying high from the back of the success of home computers such as the ZX spectrum, the founder of the company Sir Clive Sinclair has decided to make the electric car which will “radically reshape as well as expand the market for my business as well as personal transport.”

as well as was seen C5 when the completely new regulations came into force in August 1983, allowing courses powered by electricity through less than four wheels, 60kg under the weight as well as powered by motor up to 250W to be used on the road under the control of energy at a maximum of 15mph. No Disk taxes, as well as which requires a license, insurance or MOT as well as a helmet, as well as one aged 14 years or more can lead one.

engineered by Lotus as well as built at the Hoover factory in Merthyr, the C5 will be available initially through mail order as well as galleries electricity. Costing £ 399 (plus delivery fee £ 29), with all of the options available, which represents an increase of £ 140 or so. Options? Yes, even though the auto was launched from the British depths of winter, which seems which the authors as well as C5 as well as I felt which which was acceptable to charge extra for mirrors, indicators, as well as cover Tonio as well as ‘head will be designed “to protect passengers through the elements.

team said Sinclair electric vehicles

However, the C5 will be not entirely in vain, as I found when he tried to Autocar one in January 1985. “you drive us,” the Sinclair C5. “, wrote Peter Williams Autocar as well as I’m not so sure. “First, which’s a tricycle, with the front wheels as well as one driven tiller handle payment controlled by the push button on the left with the handle.

applying the brakes will be through pullbars on each side of the tiller, left as well as right front brakes as well as rear respectively.

“as well as then there are two big pedals to ‘help’ progress even gradients where the electric motor has become strained efforts. “You can sit low, with the tiller bar below your thighs in what appears at first to be an awkward position, however after a few minutes which becomes quite natural.

” electric traction will be completely different through traveling through a car powered by engine form internal combustion. as well as C5 will be silent, of course, however also seems to be moving quickly will be remarkable, however the idea of ​​pedaling to help the electric motor seemed daunting “foreign” to someone accustomed to the pressure on the gas pedal. “The

multiple problems, the most important of the occupants’ exposure to the elements, traffic as well as additional pollution exhaust.” Some owners may be concerned if a truck 32 tons pass by on the main road at more than 40mph “, he wrote Williams.


Autocar which the C5 was a “competent as well as determined performance well, well implemented for the job which which was intended”, however failed from the audience to get excited about as which will be, even with the promise of low costs of up to £ 1.87 for 1,000 miles of cars .

weak sales forced Sinclair electric cars under receivership by the end of 1985 as well as put paid to the plans of Sir Clive for a wide range of vehicles. he’d visualize four seats for passengers a full electric car, as well as you have to wonder what might have if he’d chosen to launch vehicle more traditional for once.

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Source: The launch of the Sinclair C5 16 January 1985 – Throwback Thursday

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