The Land Rover Defender revival story which won't go away

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Land Rover Defender 2016 Ratcliffe in addition to today there are more reports of the Land Rover Defender rise back into production again? This particular can be true?


saga out of the back exit of the Land Rover Defender can be back again This particular morning, if you read the business section of the Sunday Times today. or remains outside (in addition to never in fact) if you listen to what a spokesman for Land Rover says.

What do you think? Let’s start with what has been reported today.

In an interview with “billionaire industry,” Jim Ratcliffe, The Times reveal his claims which the CEO of JLR Ralf Speth met to discuss his plans, his confidence in dealing with the reliability, safety in addition to efficiency problems which actually ended production Geller through the defender, in addition to optimism to create an industrial base – probably near the port from the north, in addition to possibly abroad – with the goal of 10 to 20.000 car sales annually

a spokesman for Land Rover last week: “There can be no way This particular can be happening in addition to we will not allow a building defender we have. ” Today, only repeat which statement.

So how can an intelligent man enough to amass a fortune of £ 3.2bn keep coming to the conclusion which This particular can be wildly out of kilter with the official line Land Rover? Hard to say, of course, not least because Ratcliffe had not yet returned our calls, nevertheless I’m a big believer from the slogan for “there can be no smoke without fire,” perhaps there can be evidence if you read between the lines of. Story

Try This particular quote through Ratcliffe, made when they recognize which a fresh look for the Land Rover Defender on the road , in addition to perhaps throughout 2019: “I’m sure Jaguar [sic] will need to use the name the fresh product. therefore, we must think of a fresh name. ”

so you could be looking at a car which was formerly known as the defender in a different place in addition to under a different name manufacturing? This particular can be tempting to conclude, since This particular allows all of his statements in addition to Land Rover to be true. He said he will effectively be a tribute car manufacturing, which can be not the same thing re-launch of the Land Rover Defender, the title of a nice nonetheless.

nevertheless even This particular line of thinking does not truly add up. Ratcliffe claims which he was allocated approximately £ 250M for the project. This particular’s a significant amount in addition to, of course, nevertheless not so great when you have to move the production line, in addition to a factory to prepare the automobile to completely re-engineer, especially when This particular involves the safety of the work in addition to the work of environmental homogeneity. I truly might not £ 250M sure you go away – in addition to which the project might pay back in terms of profits fast enough to cover This particular investment

Then there can be a bold, slightly Gerald Ratner-esque Ratcliffe, in addition to assurances which the defender includes a “folly of reliability.” can be the “vehicle farms” in addition to “we also have to get comfortable which we can make a reliable defender like [Toyota] Land Cruiser .” Why invest from the production of a car with such limited potential of these sales in addition to the obvious flaws? The likes of Khan in addition to Twisted give indications of an alternative one direction This particular can take, nevertheless This particular also sheds light on one of the biggest problems in addition to defender – first in addition to foremost, in addition to This particular can be not remotely as a logical buy as Land Cruiser

another signal – attributed to Ratcliffe nevertheless not quoted directly – saying which because of the age of the defender in addition to a lack of investment, in addition to there are copyright issues with the launch of the minimum defender. Could This particular be which can be in fact planning to create lookalike of his back for the support in addition to blessing of JLR, nevertheless not the actual hardware?

I’m sure which Land Rover will take issue with the suggestion which the cover defender by “copyright issues minimal,” nevertheless let’s say Ratcliffe in addition to a pair of consulting, he can be said to have hired to conduct a feasibility study has already found a loophole. Well, at This particular point This particular does not look forward to the resumption of the production of guns, nevertheless This particular time This particular creates a tribute car in a very Allen transmission. Again, which means the data can be in addition to Land Rover to date right -? nevertheless, truly

can be a man worth £ 3.2bn which assumes enough complications in life you truly want to invest huge amount of money from the creation of vehicle-selling modest greeting? This particular’s hardly the kind of industrial historic statement speaks of the desire to make

. What then? Ratcliffe says he will be in a position to detect all – one way or another – November comes. This particular will be fascinating to know what can be the next step in This particular constantly twisting, turning tale, nevertheless as far as I can tell, we do not yet know enough to truly pile up.

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Source: The Land Rover Defender revival story which won't go away

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