The future of Alpina according to boss Andreas Bovensiepen

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Source : The future of Alpina according to boss Andreas Bovensiepen

Andreas Bovensiepen


Andreas Bovensiepen

axis BMW is actually celebrating the centenary of the year, coach or Alpina Andreas Bovensiepen partner opens about the future of his company before

fifty-one-year-old Albina was manufacturing typewriters.


owner Burkhard Bovensiepen interested in cars, however, along with wanted to improve the performance of his Fiat 124 . Several carburetor double Weber, which was built for of which added pace required, however the engine blew mortality later in a short period.

Thus, huh decided of which there is actually a need for a more reliable car, along with chose BMW 1500. via there, flourished relationship between the Alpina BMW into what This specific is actually today: a close partnership allows Alpinas be BMW production lines before heading to Bochlo Alpina factory, about an hour’s drive west of Munich, the final assembly built part.

with BMW is actually currently celebrating its 100 years of production, along with This specific looked as if the perfect time to grill Andreas Bovensiepen, Burkhard’s son along with the man who today runs Albina along with his brother, Florian, about the future of the fire.

Today, Alpina produces about 1,700 cars a year, primarily for the United States, along with the Japanese along with European markets (with Germany accounting for the lion’s share of sales within the recent United Kingdom). The fire is actually the Oak push into brand new areas, including, of course, the potential for the Chinese market lucrative.

Bovensiepen folders believed via 2000-2500 units annually realistic along with important to meet the continuously rising development costs. However, This specific says This specific is actually equally important to maintain the uniqueness of This specific basic for those patrons fire.

Bovensiepen puts This specific This specific way: “We are twice as exclusive as Rolls-Royce because we make only 50% of the [number of] cars. We have a lot of customers come to Goodwood This specific, or the Frankfurt show Tokyo show, along with we know their names. there are a lot of customers such personal experience. ”

even with the emotional hook or Alpina apparently in Great hands, what about the technical side? Historically, Albina embraced brand new technologies, along with turbocharging being a Great example, so what about hybrid engines?

“I think we will do This specific, along with This specific’s an exciting technology is actually very interesting,” he says. “This specific is actually very Great if you’re within the market early. however if you’re within the very early, along with customers are not ready for the product, then you spend a lot of money development.” Therefore, This specific is actually feared of which the market is actually not big enough to pay for the costs of a thesis? He agrees: “At the moment there is actually not enough momentum, especially in Europe, for hybrid gasoline via our customers.”

Bovensiepen feel of which there are various other challenges to over come with hybrids, zoals improvements to infrastructure charging structure, along with useful because or how people use Alpinas. They tend to travel long distances, outside the city limits of hybrids of which fit better, so he does not feel thatthey are the right solution for the shooting at the present time.

“Currently, diesel is actually still the best option along with the most efficient for our customers who like to save fuel along with driving a sports car. So within the next several years, along with diesel still play an important role for us.” However, he emphasizes thatthis along with continuous to improve the participation caught the selective catalytic reduction technologies (SCR) DeNOx catalysts using with AdBlue to make This specific clean for the environment as possible.

Another issue with the descent of the hybrid way, This specific is actually one of the engine configuration. The focus of the current generation of BMW hybrids within the three along with four-cylinder engines, along with This specific is actually something Bovensiepen thought could fit its customer base. “Our customers still need [at least] six cylinders, This specific will be very expensive if we have to solve our region.”

how will Alpina to edit to meet European emissions legislation within the future? Through the sale of less than 1,000 cars a year in Europe, he gets a special exemption is actually currently on CO2 levels. While BMW, like all the big automakers, along with will be required to be measured in its portfolio with an average target of 95g CO2 along with / km by 2020, along with modest businesses, zoals Alpina, along with excused. Bovensiepen This specific along with am confident of which the European Commission does not do anything to harm his work, or various other modest groups. “The legislation does not destroy modest businesses,” he says.

However, Bovensiepen not arrogant along with knows along with Alpina have to face brand new challenges. In 2006, This specific invested 12 million € (£ 10M) within the development of state-of-the-art center. Among its facilities several bays test the engine along with exhaust paperboard, BMW, which makes the use of, or by sending each of the brand new types to match the production test, to make sure they measure current emissions regulations. however Albina toolthat vital enable signals to move quickly to change the legislation along with develop brand new products. “When we see of which there is actually a momentum coming [zoals driving force for hybrid] then we are fast in development,” says Bovensiepen. “We need just two years, along with we are ready then.”

What about the chance for an independent Albina soon? “Never say,” he says. “I’ve come up a couple of times before.” At the end of the 1970s, he asked the BMW Alpina if continuing with the project wanted to M1, then within the early 1990s Giugiaro asked if Alpina wanted to breathe life into the super 6.0- liter V12 concept Nazca M12 This specific has produced. Not happened, along with Bovensiepen unrealistic for any future projects. These days, the demands along with expectations of crash safety along with quality to customers make This specific tough ask. “However, McLaren did a great job,” along with admits, “I think that has a lot of money to invest in Saudi Arabia. however This specific is actually much more complicated today.”

Alpina appears to be in Great condition. Sales along with prosperity along with are moving within the right direction, along with although she is actually not looking to rush into brand new areas of technology vehicles equipped with chains pay just yet, along with there is actually confidence of which he can pull the trigger along with evolve quickly when needed. however the most important thing of which Albina is actually listening to its customers along with supp lying to them theywant products side.

This specific seems obvious, however when there is actually a lot of detachment at the top of the company, along with This specific is actually something of which can easily be forgotten. Bovensiepen, like his father along with his brother, lives in a house within the factory yard. You can even see This specific via the trim shop. They live along with breathe the product, along with This specific, perhaps above all, bear to see the company through the celebration of the centenary of its founding own, while 49-year-old. Certainly we trust so.

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Source: The future of Alpina according to boss Andreas Bovensiepen

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