The Evolution of the Toyota Corolla (1966 till date)

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“the family car era” began in 1966. which was in November of which year, the Corolla first – which aims to Japanese public opinion – rolled on the market to much fanfare. from the 47 years since then, the Corolla has continued to evolve thanks to the philosophy of “always stay ahead of the times.”
Today, using a total production of 40 million vehicles as well as sales in more than 150 countries as well as regions, which has been recognized by the Toyota Corolla as the “most favorite cars from the entire world”
was the birth of the Corolla in all parts of the entire world thanks to innovative technology as well as administrative decisions which went behind the scenes at Toyota Motor company creating thinking. Each of these consists of advanced elements of the “Corolla DNA”, which have been passed down through generation to generation within the Toyota Motor Corporation.
The first generation (1966 – 1970)

Corolla The First Generation Production Period 1966-1970

[was extreme simplicity at the heart of engineering the first Corolla. Introduced during 1966 in Japan, the first Corolla came to the United States from the summer riding 1968 on 0-inch wheels from the base two-door coupe, four-door sedan as well as two-door wagon Centeng styles. The smallest car Toyota has sold in America until which time. Launched a 60-horsepower, 1.1-liter four-cylinder overhead valve longitudinally from the engine bay sent power to a four-speed manual transmission as well as then to the rear axle steel. The automatic transmission were not on the list of options.
was a unibody structure of the first Corolla front strut suspension as well as rear axle mounted on a pair of leaf springs. There was nothing sophisticated about the first Corolla as well as which was not pretty, however which was so simple which there is actually almost a lack of parts to break.
Toyota has worked hard through the ’60S to overcome the perception then common which Japanese products were shoddy. as well as compact cars such as Corona did an effective job of creating which point. , With prices starting at under $ 1,700, Corolla as well as showed which even when Toyota built a smaller, cheaper car as well as the quality does not suffer.

Second generation (1970 – 1974)

  • Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Second Generation

    • as well as a not bad car as the first Corolla, however in very little truth as well as which weakened the tastes of North America. Corolla showed up for the second 1970 style year using a wheelbase stretched to 91.9 inches as well as power coming through a 1.2-liter variation of the brand new four OHV by 73 horsepower. The strut front as well as leaf spring rear suspension forward.
      slightly even though the wheelbase stretches nearly two inches may seem, however minimal design improvements, the 1970 Corolla more noticeable machine comfortable as well as confident variation ’69, as well as automatically offered today move to broaden its appeal. as well as soon which became the second best-selling car from the entire world.
      Corolla got better during the 1971 in a form where the 1.6 liter engine as well as output expanded to 102 horsepower which grew. The re-design of the front grille 1972 style year, becoming fussier to any great aesthetic advantage. There were a lot of improvements either 1973 or 1974 as well as additional larger bumpers to accommodate federal regulations as well as the introduction of sports SR5 types using a manual all 5-speed transmission.

      The third generation (1974 – 1979)

      Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Third Generation

      • instead of along the lines of weird, appeared on 19459042 1975 Coronet center lift section of the grille which holds more angular bodies. however then again, which was called a lot of cars through the ‘strange 70S.
        a total of all 5 Corolla types were available for 1975. The leader of prices, Coupe two-door powered by a motor of 1.2 liters, as well as joined by a four-door sedan, roof fixed two the door, as well as SR5 solid sports-oriented as well as all 5-door station wagon – all powered by a 1.6-liter four. Standard transmission on all types, except the SR5, was a four-speed manual. The standard all 5-speed manual again from the SR5 as well as optional from the additional Corollas. which also did a three-speed automatic is actually available. Emission standards as well as spasm from the mid ’70s as well as included the catalytic converter from the ’75 Corolla for the very first time.
        The addition of the brand new three-door hatchback to the Corolla line of 1976 . He called on “Liftback” by Toyota, which looked more like a sporting two-door station wagon instead of a fastback or traditional economy, such as the Ford Pinto. using a split fold-down rear seat, Toyota Liftback hopes which represent up to 30 percent of Corolla sales from the United States.
        also introduced for ’76, sharing the front-end design with the Liftback, the brand new Corolla Sport Coupe was in both standard configurations as well as SR5. Design fastback coupe sports gave Toyota sport utility vehicle for the sale, which was slightly less expensive than the larger Celica.
        has been the front-end design of the cars as well as modification of 1977 using a more traditional conditioning, however which was never particularly attractive cars. They were overwrought in its details as well as is actually distinctive in its forms. however they seem to work forever.
        third-generation Corolla played out his life almost unchanged during 1978 style year.

        fourth generation (1979 – 1983)

        Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Fourth Generation

        • with the brand new structure, as well as which was [19459042 1979 Corolla car more sophisticated as well as satisfying than any Corolla before. however before which generation through, which will get better.
          1979 Corolla finally dispensed with paper spring rear suspension as well as rugged however primitive in favor of a more compliant coil spring system (PlayStation continued use of paper). The brand new unibody above which the suspension of the biggest (wheelbase was today 94.5 inches), stronger as well as more attractive in a boxy, clean cut kind of way. as well as 75-horsepower, 1.8-liter brand new variation of the OHV four powered the brand new Corolla with automatic transmissions four- as well as all 5-speed manual as well as three-speed available.
          especially attractive during which generation was the SR5 from the field of sports coupe, as well as hatchback configurations Liftback semiwagon. With the effective use of detail, they looked more expensive than which was in reality.
          while 1980 as well as 1981 Corolla lines carried over through 1979 unchanged, at 19,459,042] 1982 has been upgraded automatic transmission to a four-speed – a rare level of sophistication of the economy car of which era.
          The Corolla big news for 1983 a brand new 1.6-liter overhead cam engine which was both smoother as well as more powerful than the previous 1.8. however which was just a hint of what was to happen later.

          fifth generation (1983 – 1987)

          Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Fifth Generation

          Toyota finally gave up the faith front emerging through the engine ’80S with front disc Corolla sedan enter the 1984 . However, he continued SR5 Coupe as well as Liftback as well as the station wagon over the bodywork with rear-wheel drive Corolla previous generation.
          The front-drive Corolla was as conventional as which was from the background structure driver. The same 1.6-liter, SOHC engine used from the rear drive Corolla sat transversely from the engine compartment as well as front driver fed either a all 5-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. Depth held up on coil springs. as well as powered by a little number of early Coronet Drive in front of the fifth generation of four-cylinder diesel.
          midway through the 1984 style, offered from the background Corolla Coupe campaign as well as Liftback with dual camera overhead, the brand new variation 16-valve 1.6-liter four rated power of 124 horsepower. Output Corolla GT-S is actually today a classic of sorts, for tossable very fun car to drive, which has attracted a cult following of “drifters” who slide their cars through the corners as a form of motor sport in Japan. , Along using a front engine Corolla all 5-speed transaxle, which engine also offers DOHC drivetrain in midengine MR2, who came to America in early 1985.
          through 1985 as well as 1986 , the Corolla lineup remained largely intact. Then in 1987 was front disc Corolla “FX” coupe brand new entry. Produced at the NUMMI joint venture production plant in California (run by both Toyota as well as General Motors), which was from the traditional FX hatchback Rabbit mold Volkswagen as well as was available with either SOHC or DOHC, 1.6 liter engine. When you are equipped using a DOHC engine, which was known as the FX16. FX also saw the start of production of the Corolla in North America

          sixth generation (1987 – 1991)

          Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Sixth Generation

          with the redesign of 1988 , has been replaced rear drive Corolla coupe as well as Liftback with the brand new front drive coupe. While enthusiasts wept, as well as was coupe brand new Corolla as well as Corolla GT-S in fact considerably more accuracy as well as the ability of the rear drivers they replaced. which just was not a lot of fun.
          monument more conservative than ultraboxy sedan fifth generation, has been building a car sixth generation through today in each of the NUMMI plant in California as well as Japan, while The coupes as well as wagons only through Japan. PlayStation was available in either front-wheel drive or full-time four-wheel drive all Trac. The base DX trim levels as well as better equipped pounds for the auto, DX as well as SR5 for the wagon as well as SR5 as well as GT-S coupe. FX hatchback was still part of the mix, though, as well as stopped after a year.
          sixth generation Corolla was built using the same 95.6-inch wheelbase as the fifth, however which was nearly inch wider. Will be built slightly different variation of the Corolla Centeng (sold in Japan as the hostility) with identical mechanical pieces from the NUMMI plant described Geo PRIZM. Sedans, rode coupes as well as wagons on the front-wheel strut suspension is actually completely independent, while retained gigs all Trac solid rear axle with coil springs.
          was All engines DOHC, 16-valve inline four-cylinder – sedans, front drive wagon as well as SR5 coupe got a carbureted engine of 0 horsepower. I got a copy carts All Trac 100 hp fuel injection GT-S today as well as won using a copy EFI 115 horsepower. The choices were familiar transmission – a all 5-speed manual standard using a choice of three or four-speed automatic, depending on the level of trim. The thirteen-inch standard wheels, although the GT-S got 14-inch wheels, as well as four-wheel disc brakes as well as six-way driver’s seat with adjustable support for the sport. Otherwise, as well as the equipment levels from the sixth generation Corolla a little different by today’s standards, where most of the amenities, such as air conditioning, power steering, dual outside mirrors as well as a stereo, was optional.
          There were no improvements to 1989 , except for the addition of all Trac sedan to the lineup. One year lasted only. All Corollas benefited through fuel injection in 1990 , was assessed base engine’s 102 hp today. At the same time, GT-S features a large bump in horsepower – today measured in 130 – as well as yet another all 5 pound-feet of torque for a total of 105. In addition, the added sedan standard entry level to the squad – as well as had all the basic equipment Corolla, including which cloth upholstery, however wore a skinnier set of tires can be optioned only using a three-speed automatic if you do not want to gear your own.
          stopped as well as coupes after 1991 style year. Apart through a few brand new paint colors, as well as the only change of 1992 you can only get HIGHLINE pound sedan using a four-speed automatic transmission.

          seventh generation (1991 – 1995)

          Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Seventh Generation

          much larger than the auto which replaced (which rode on 97.0 wheelbase inches), as well as 1993 Corolla sedan as well as wagon moved up to size classification through “minor” to “charter” according to the environmental Protection Agency. however there were no more Corolla coupes or all-wheel-drive vehicles. Sedan offered in standard, DX as well as LE trim, while the front-wheel-drive vehicle offered in DX trim only. All cars rode on a fully independent suspension, though DX as well as LE types benefited through additional stability from the front bar.
          power of the vehicle basic Corolla came through the same engine 1.6-liter used from the auto sixth generation (he was producing 105 hp, except in California Massachusetts as well as brand new York, where which was rated for 100 due to more stringent emission requirements), however the brand new 1.8-liter, DOHC, 16 four creating 115 horsepower offered from the ritzier Corolla DX as well as pounds Supermodels valve. The standard all 5-speed manual, using a three-speed autobox optional on the base car as well as four-speed optional on all additional types. All cars came with inch front wheels as well as 14 disc / rear drum brakes. ABS was optional across the line. The adjustable height of the seat belt as well as the front side air bag standard for the driver in ’93. The front passenger got one, too, in 1994 . Also brand new in which year has been the seat belt retractor lock from the positions of passengers as well as CFC-free refrigerant for cars with air conditioning.
          sedan DX got brand new furniture, re-design of each audio systems as well as lost engine 1.8-liter 10 horsepower for 1995 of order to comply with emission regulations more stringent, however they did not get a smidge more torque for a total of 117 lb-ft (versus 115 previously). Stop pound style of 1996 . In addition, the front grille received a coloring associated with the framework was modified plates taillight with DX getting the full treatment width (the base sedan got gray cladding). Inside, which was revised Internal trim, as well as has added integrated child seat to the list of options. Resulted in upgrades to the manual transmission is actually shorter throws, as well as improve the appearance as well as participation more positive gear.
          In 1997, declined wagon DX, however CE special offered (Classic Edition) sedan as well as the integration of quite a few favorite features in a value-priced package one. Among the standard goodies were power windows as well as locks, A / C, power steering, stereo four speakers, manual remote mirrors as well as special floor mats as well as check cards through abroad. as well as received all the additional protection through side types to meet the brand new federal standards shocks. For the very first time, during the ’97, all Corollas sold from the United States in North America at the NUMMI plant in California as well as TMMC plant in Canada was built. By the end of the 1997 style, the Corolla had become the best-selling from the history of the auto industry panel, overtaking Volkswagen Beetle company.

          eighth generation (1995 – 2000)

          Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Eighth Generation

          • Corolla grew again from the eighth repetition, however managed to lose some weight as well as increase its capacity thanks to consumption fuel for the brand new engine as well as drivetrain are generally more efficient. as well as was a big part of the weight savings as well as drivetrain efficiency from the form, all-aluminum 1.8-liter DOHC engine four-cylinder all-brand new rated at a healthy 0 horsepower – exactly double what was rated engine from the first Corolla back into the economy in 1968. The fuel consumption has improved upon by 10 percent over the previous generation. With all 5-speed manual standard, could Corolla demolition of 31 mpg from the city as well as 38 on the highway.

            only offered a sedan which time around, as well as there were three trim – VE base levels, CE mid-level as well as HIGHLINE pounds . as well as VE was stuck with an optional three-speed automatic, while qualified CE, LE buyers of the unit four-speed. The equipment levels is actually largely the same as the previous generation, although the base car as well as today came using a leash dual outside mirrors. ABS remained optional on all types, as well as there were brand new additions such as side airbags as well as a CD player.
            with the outer surface of simple however elegant, as well as internal as well as handsome, as well as 1998 was 19,459,023] Corolla machine mature between these competitors of teenagers as well as the Honda Civic as well as Nissan Sentra. which is actually also relatively inexpensive as well as short-legged on the back seat, however sales remained strong, with Toyota put 248,195 Corollas in garages customers during 1998. PRIZM as well as almost identical (point today as the Chevrolet) continued to be built along with the Corolla at NUMMI.


            improvements to 1999 lightly. Vehicle Heritage, Corolla, The Tenth Generation

            Source: The Evolution of the Toyota Corolla (1966 till date)

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