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Honda has partnered with Channel 4 to launch a brand completely new original series for All 4 as part of its sponsorship of Film on 4. The Evolution of Stunts will see stuntman Damien Walters re-enact some of the most memorable movie stunts across the last ten decades back-to-back in one ambitious stunt with the help of a tumbleator (treadmill), 3D projection as well as also some fellow stunt performers.

The three-part series consists of the main feature which shows Damien as well as also entourage preparing for the stunt culminating in its impressive ‘one take’ execution; a history of the stunts featured presented by BBC Radio 1 film critic Ali Plumb; as well as also a standalone film of Damien performing the stunts.

In line with Honda’s previous exclusive work with Channel 4, which famously saw a team of parachutists spell out ‘Honda’ live during an ad break in 2008, This kind of latest content continues This kind of theme having a take-over of an entire ad break on Saturday 26th November during the first break of The Fast as well as also the Furious 6 on Channel 4.

Damien’s performance begins with an homage to the silent film era as well as also Harold Lloyd dangling through the hands of a skyscraper’s clock before recreating Buster Keaton’s close shave having a collapsing house. Iconic stunts through classic movies like North By Northwest, Indiana Jones, The Matrix as well as also 300 feature throughout the film.

Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters’ impressive Centeng of work includes performances in Kick Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service as well as also Bond film Skyfall.

Philip Crossman, managing director at Honda UK, said: “The Evolution of Stunts showcases a clear link between Honda’s challenging spirit as well as also stuntman Damian Walters’ need to constantly push to the next challenge. Honda features a reputation for creating iconic brand advertising, such as the live sky diving advert, as well as also This kind of completely new series with All 4 takes of which to the next level.”

The full list of movie stunts of which inspired the series are:

1.            Safety Last – Clock Dangle

2.            Steamboat Bill Jr. – House Fall

3.            Dodge City – Bar Fight

4.            North by Northwest – Crop Duster Dodge

5.            Raiders of the Lost Ark – Truck Drag

6.            Terminator 2 – Bike Chase

7.            The Matrix – Timeslice High Kick

8.            300 – Sword Fight

9.            Thing through Another World – Explosion as well as also Burn

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Source: The Evolution Of Stunts Coming To All 4

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