The Designs of W Motor Fenyr Supersport 2016

Saturday, January 30th, 2016 - W Motor

The W Motor Fenyr Supersport 2016 has been known as one of the most attention stealing cars in the auto industry. This particular Dubai-based famous car can attract the attention of auto fans around the world because of it wonderful and fabulous design. Simply, you will look so luxurious and stylish once you dive the car. Then, do you feel curious about the great design of the car? If you do, it is better keep reading the w motor fenyr supersport 2016 review below.


Fenyr Supersport - 05

The exterior design of W Motor Fenyr Supersport 2016

The exterior design of the W Motor Fenyr Supersport 2016 has been created to have the armored impression. It is proven from the layered surfacing design applied on the car. Then, you can also catch the aggressive impression on the car especially when you notice the front fascia with LED headlights, huge air intakes, a ventilated hood, and so on. On the back, you will find that tis car has been featured with notable things such as slender taillights, distinctive configuration spoilers, large diffuser, and many more. Basically, all of exterior designs are such the notable things to add to the w motor fenyr supersport 2016 review, because all of them will definitely bring the look of the car to the higher level.

Fenyr Supersport - 08

The interior design of w motor fenyr supersport 2016

Unfortunately, there is still no any w motor fenyr supersport 2016 review that reveals the official pictures of the car interior design. However, many expect that the interior will be as great as its exterior, such as the comfortable and adjustable seats with the best upholstery, the softer surface dashboard, the better and more sophisticated displays, and so on. Thus, if the W Motor Fenyr Supersport 2016 has all of them, there is no more doubt anymore that the car can be one of the best cars in the world.


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