The $2.5 Million Koenigsegg Agera (2014) Review

Sunday, February 14th, 2016 - Koenigsegg

Sport car is the typical of expensive car with latest engine, high standard features of the car, and futuristic concept. Sport cars can be considered as limited cars, since the company is usually produced the car less than the common cars such as sedan cars or SUV cars. It’s because the price is expensive, so not average people can purchase the car. But this limited thing that makes people want to buy it. And it’s actually really popular even though the price is expensive. In 2014, there’s a sport car called Koenigsegg Agera. And the price of the car at that moment is about $2.5 Million. Why that car is so expensive? Well, let’s find out the reasons of that high price from this Koenigsegg Agera (2014) review.


2014 Koenigsegg Agera One 1

The First Reason Why Koenigsegg Agera cost $2.5 Million

Let’s start the Koenigsegg Agera (2014) review with the first reason that you have to know about this sport car is the speed. Can you imagine driving a car with speed 186 mph? Well, you can’t try that at the city street, but somebody has tried that at the free-street and you can reach that speed in 14.5 seconds? And another thing is that you only need 21.19 seconds to start the car, drove until reach the top speed of 186 mph, and then stop and reach 0 mph again. That’s something that you can’t find in other sport cars. That’s why this car was worth $2.5 Million, don’t you agree?

Koenigsegg Agera 04

Many Other Reasons to Buy Koenigsegg Agera

Let’s continue the Koenigsegg Agera (2014) review with other things that make you worth to buy this car. The engine that used in this car is 5.0 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine with 228 horsepower/liter and 737 lb-ft of torque from 2,700 rpm to 7,300 rpm. And we still haven’t talk about the features and entertainments in the car that will exceed your expectation.


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