The £12,000 baby Aston Martin, 17 October 1981 – Throwback Thursday

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Source : The £12,000 baby Aston Martin, 17 October 1981 – Throwback Thursday

Frazer Tickford Aston Martin Cygnet thought the idea was Aston Martin Sagnet the first car of its kind? Think again; Fraser Tickford did the idea all before thirty years ago, with the Austin Metro car as donors


remember Aston Martin Sagnet ? the idea turns out the idea was not the first attempt to create a way of which a mixture of practical city car with Aston Martin style in addition to also luxury. In 1981, completely new car Fraser company called (nothing to do with Britain’s current sports car firm Fraser Nash) took Metro Austin humble in addition to also gave him turning most luxurious


Fraser with Tickford – at the time a completely new division of Aston Martin Lagonda specifically set up to develop in addition to also reformulate existing cars on a higher level of finish in addition to also performance – as a partner engineering. The modified car called Fraser Tickford, the loss of any reference to the Metro to reflect the fact of which the idea was built via the ground up.


Tickford on 1.3S Metro, the idea devoured the Centeng in addition to also remove the engine, wheels in addition to also a lot of the front suspension. Then the Centeng resprayed silver high gloss, with “Tickford” emblazoned across the back of enamel badges in addition to also Aston Martin from the varnish do not leave any room for doubt from your vehicle’s name in addition to also lineage. your vehicle received a glassfibre Centeng panels of which formed the side pods, front air dam skirt at the rear.

was internal in addition to also Tickford in a sea of ​​gray silver skin, which adorn the high-back re-design, high grip of the seats, the steering wheel 14IN, wraparound fascia, trim Centeng in addition to also even on the shelf can be an integral rear. Wilton carpet lined shoe pile floor area in addition to also tweed cloth lined ceiling. in addition to also the idea includes additional standard equipment Vigelea gauges for oil pressure, battery charging in addition to also multiple vacuum system hello Fi UHER.

All of This particular added to the curb weight 90KG, so engineers Tickford tweaked 1275cc A- In addition to the engine to produce yet another 80 bhp. The result was a hatchback capable of 100mph in addition to also claimed 0-60 mph in less than 11 seconds.

has been replaced by the standard tires in addition to also steel wheels with Pirelli P7s in addition to also alloy wheels. The anti-roll bar installed to the back in addition to also one in front was tightening, while repressurised units comments Hydragas to return riding high heavier product of which of the standard Metro.


David Mills Autocar’s one of the pre-production phase Fraser Tickfords away via the launch of the press in addition to also was very impressed. “So I had a passenger,” he wrote. “There was nothing luxurious instead of leather trim in addition to also smell unambiguous. I felt very safe in a high-back bucket seats, in addition to also lowered, padded wheel smaller manufactured leadership via the skin feels like a truck driver via driving Metro stop.”

in addition to also producing the continuation of Metro to convince the man Autocar on the highway: “after the exit of the first roundabout, the idea turns out of which I was nowhere near the limit of adhesion. run Tickford in a beautiful in addition to also moved around the curve as if on rails – worn cliché of which does not actually apply

“All This particular adhesion however the idea was a comfortable ride, absorbing all however the most violent high. Bumps -frequency, when the shortage of tires “Compliance dictated smaller shocks. Add of which ride the huge driveability of the engine in addition to also the idea represents a fully functioning package civilized.”

was the Fraser Tickford charm, however for her £ 11.608 mark you could buy 3500SE Rover or a Porsche 924 with the change of Citroen 2CV6. “How can one justify such an outlay for a three-door hatchback” asked Mills rhetorically

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Source: The £12,000 baby Aston Martin, 17 October 1981 – Throwback Thursday

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