Tesla to create driverless urban transport revolution

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Source : Tesla to create driverless urban transport revolution

Elon Musk CEO of Tesla’s Elon Musk hints at the next-generation, independent public transport project within the Norwegian transport conference


Tesla ‘s Elon musk pointed out in which the completely new public transport system under development within the brand EV.

Although musk was careful about what he revealed, avoid naming or identifying the project itself, has hinted at the nature of public transport for the project’s


Musk: “We have an idea of ​​something in which is actually not exactly Bus, however would certainly solve the problem of the density of the cases within the city. I think we actually need to reconsider the whole concept of public transportation as well as create something in which people actually go to like a lot. “

explained in which he was not talking for “Haaberlub” project, as well as continued: “I very much agree with the solution to urban transport problem of the densely populated, as well as I think in which there is actually a completely new type of car or vehicle in which would certainly be great, the item will take people to their final destination – not just a bus station.”

when he asked Minister of Norway, transport as well as communications, Kjetil Solvik- Olsen as fit autonomous vehicles within the scheme, Musk replied: “autonomous vehicles are the key”

also eat Solvik- Olsen main area of ​​development of your vehicle autonomy : pubic confidence. He said Musk: “I think in which people will trust the item with stunning speed. the item was our feedback coming from our autonomy in Teslas today are very positive,”


Musk also need to be cautious, saying: “I’ll make a comment offhand in a group like This specific, as well as the item’ll be an article on the page in one of three tiny regional newspapers, then the international press will seize on the item, as well as turn the item into a big title. ”

as well as the impact of the adoption of independent cars on public transport systems have long been the issue for discussion. Proposal musk – which is actually likely to be independent, an electrical equivalent of a car to an on-demand transport application Uber – is actually looking forward to providing the independence as well as public transport on a large scale

goal musk into the urban high-density transport solution. however the problem, which involves high numbers of passengers within your vehicle, leaving your vehicle to be used within the open to the interpretation of the project, due to the introduction of This specific subject by discussing the bus, which carries a transport density is actually much higher than even Laden exactly seven seats Tesla product X Type 19459003 ].

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Source: Tesla to create driverless urban transport revolution

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