Tesla product S P85 D gets brand new 'ludicrous' mode

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Source : Tesla product S P85 D gets brand new 'ludicrous' mode

brand new system eclipses ‘insane’ mode; 0-60mph in 2.8sec


The Tesla product S P85 D will be sold that has a brand new “ludicrous” mode, which offers enhanced performance that will will allow the vehicle to pull 1.1G of acceleration as well as cover 0-60mph in 2.8sec, company boss Elon Musk has revealed.

The P85 D, which is usually the highest performance Tesla product S available, was previously sold with an “insane” mode that will achieved a 0-60mph time of 3.1sec. However, the 0-60mph time in “ludicrous” mode is usually enhanced by 10% as well as the 0-155mph time by 20%. The quarter-mile time for the P85 D in “ludicrous” mode is usually 10.8sec.

Watch the Tesla product S P85D in a drag race that has a Caterham 620R on video

The performance enhancement has been achieved by raising the electric car’s maximum amperage through 1300amps to 1500amps.

Tesla is usually offering US-based Tesla P85 D owners the chance to have their cars upgraded to run “ludicrous” mode for $5000 plus the cost of installation. brand new buyers can add the idea as an option for $10,000. No UK prices have been revealed.

Musk also revealed upgrades to battery performance for the Tesla product S 85kW product, taking the idea to 90kW, adding around 7% more range. He also claimed that will Tesla expects to find 5% battery range improvements per year for the forseeable future. A cheaper product S 70Kw edition was also announced.

In addition, Musk confirmed that will the Tesla product X crossover will go on sale inside next few months, as well as will also be sold that has a “ludicrous” mode option. He estimated the product X’s 0-60mph performance in “ludicrous” mode to be around 3.3sec because the vehicle is usually around 10% heavier than the product S P85 D.

Musk also confirmed the BMW 3 Series rival, the Tesla product 3, will go on sale within three years.

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Source: Tesla product S P85 D gets brand new 'ludicrous' mode

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