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Tesla Gigafactory 500000 cars in addition to $ 5bn. With the brand new factory flagship Tesla is usually scheduled to open on Friday, we look at some of the numbers behind of which


in addition to Tesla will open Gigafactory officially on Friday, with the the intensify work to get of which ready well before deadline the original to be ready to start the implementation of the impending design 3 .

plant is usually already partly operational, in addition to Tesla says the plant £ 3.8bn, which was originally scheduled to open in 2017, a revolution inside production of EV battery will occur. of which will be equipped with batteries in addition to components for a Tesla for electric vehicles, including design S in addition to design X .

of which is usually expected of which the plant in Nevada to reduce production costs than is usually required to begin late next year before the launch of design 3. design 3 at a cost of $ 35,000 inside United States Batteries by more than 30%, in addition to battery cell production, although when up to the United Kingdom, after a foreign import costs, the United Kingdom accounted for, of which is usually likely to cost closer to £ 35,000, in addition to Gigafactory seen as a key factor in helping to maintain the share cost.

These are some of the key figures behind the brand new Tesla plant.

35 gigawatts

This specific is usually a planned annual production of battery factory in giggawatt hour when of which reaches full capacity. “GB” is usually a unit of measurement representing the “billions”, until one GWh is usually equivalent to generating one billion watts for one hour. Therefore, the plant can eventually produce about 460,000 design S lithium-ion batteries per year.


This specific is usually the year of Tesla is usually required to reach capacity, further production of lithium-ion batteries annually produced worldwide in 2013, 17 years after the company was founded.

500000 cars

Eventually, Tesla wants to appoint half a million cars a year via the factory, which will be a seismic shift via a company of which has never built more than 50,000 cars in a year. For more perspective, Sunderland Nissan plant, which is usually one of the largest companies in Europe in addition to 0.28 years to make 500,000 units took a year after of which opened in 1984

3,000 acres

factory site is usually currently sitting on 3,000 acres inside state of Nevada in addition to will be one of the largest buildings inside entire world when completed. As of which stands, of which is usually believed of which the plant on the ground to take only one-sixth of the total site.

6,500 employees

when of which is usually fully operational in 2020, the factory will employ 6,500 people. The number of construction workers on the site is usually believe of which the weakness in an attempt to complete the construction, with 1,000 workers building seven days a week in two shifts to get of which ready.

400000 Deposits

brand new design 3 proved very favorite indeed, in addition to part of the reason of which Elon Musk the hurried along planning to get gigafactory in addition to running. of which has already been put about 400,000 deposits for brand new salon inside market of electrical block, with the first delivery set for late in 2017.

£ 3.8bn

is usually said to be a factory for the cost of about 5bn $ (£ 3.8bn), with Tesla partnership with many companies, including Panasonic, to help finance of which.

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Source: Tesla Gigafactory in numbers

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