Tesla design S to get a brand-new 75kWh battery pack

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Source : Tesla design S to get a brand-new 75kWh battery pack

Tesla design S update 2016 recently updated electric several-door gets a brand-new medium-range battery, in addition to the disk inside in addition to coming from


Tesla will add 75D specifications for a group design S , which will sit between the 70D in addition to 90D specifications.

Although of which can be not advertised prices of the UK, customers can choose the United States to improve the power generation at a cost of $ 3,000 (about £ 2068). Customers who recently bought a design S also choose to upgrade to the 75D, despite the fact of which only a very recent purchases will be considered, in addition to a spokesman for Tesla was unable to confirm whether of which will be free or if of which will charge $ 3,000 application.

have revealed a clue about the planned entry from the 75D first when the Environmental Protection Agency in California published adopted to implement the occupant of one car list sticker carpool lane, which was 75D listed, although there can be no such option on design S yet.

battery pack will add 19 miles to the group on a 60kWh design S, doing of which up to 259 miles. A spokesman for the Tesla can not confirm any further details about the 75D, or if of which appears on the design 3 or the design X from the near future.

recently facelifted Tesla design S 2016, giving the fastback in all Electrical updated front grille in addition to a brand-new Internal options.

facelifted nose of your vehicle in addition to currently houses the black section slimmer front styling to create a face of which can be more consistent with of which of the X design explaining the adjustments from the comparison image above.

inside, buyers can currently choose coming from the form of wood ash or dark ash wood trim.

remembers Tesla 2600 cars design X

design S has also inherited the air purification system coming from 19,459,013 ] design X , which Tesla says can be 100 times more effective than different premium systems. Claiming Brand HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of the exhaust pollution particles in addition to almost all allergens, bacteria in addition to pollutants.

Tesla design 3 spotted from the wild


design S Options the electric drivetrain pay without changing the vehicles, although has been upgraded standard car charger coming from 40A to 48A, allowing faster charging when connected to higher charging current sources.

has been proposed

sources said P100D more powerful design to join the group later, sitting on top of P85D in addition to P90D, although Tesla can be not officially confirm of which.

starting cost for the brand-new design S to enter the specifications 70D can be £ 58300, although buyers can knock £ 4500 of which figure once green car grant to the Government of the United Kingdom added. He says the sales in addition to production of the design S Tesla facelifted began today.

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Source: Tesla design S to get a brand-new 75kWh battery pack

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