Tesla confirms 'master plan, part two' including compact SUV along with pick-up

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Source : Tesla confirms 'master plan, part two' including compact SUV along with pick-up

Elon Musk Ten years after Elon Musk announced the first master plan for the Tesla, along with the second has today revealed stage


Tesla boss Elon Musk unveiled his so-called “master plan, part deux,” which includes product plans for the company car design line-up, more independent technology along with intentions. To enter the public transport sector


musk first master plan a decade ago. Since then, all of these proposals come to fruition, including Tesla design S , design X along with design 3 , as well as become a provider of solar power.

announced the second part of his master plan for the site Tesla last night, confirmed musk there will be a compact SUV along with truck pick-up within the vehicle line-up, while ruling out a car cheaper than the design 3.

which also identified two different electric vehicles which are necessary – “heavy-duty trucks along with urban transport passengers believed to high density” – both of which are confirmed within the early stages of development in Tesla along with will be unveiled next year. In reference to the heavy truck as a “semi-Tesla,” Musk said: “We believe [which] will deliver a significant reduction within the cost of transport of goods, while increasing safety along with make which truly fun to work.”

autonomy increase


musk as technology matures, all Tesla vehicles will be self-driving perfect, nevertheless with the “operational capability fail, along with which means which any given system within the automobile can break the automobile will still pay themselves peacefully. ”

, nevertheless added which even when the program can be to be a highly refined along with much better than the average human driver, there will be a large gap in time before completely independent leadership can be approved by regulators. Hinted

Musk also to the death of the last of the driver while using the autopilot Tesla, explaining which if used correctly, the partial autonomy “can be already much safer than driving a person in itself.” He said he therefore be “morally reprehensible which the delay in releasing just the fear of bad press, or some (NYMEX) account of legal responsibility.”

autopilot can be still within the beta stage, he said, musk, along with will continue to improve. He added which once the autopilot can be nearly 10 times safer than the average vehicle of the United States, will remove the beta label.

surfaces of solar-powered

Last month, Tesla announced its intention to buy a solar energy company Solarcity for the integration of technology in shipping systems for cars Tesla.


musk today he wants to create solar energy “seamlessly integrated along with beautiful,” the roof of the automobile battery product, which can be increased all over the entire world, describing the procurement process as “one arrangement along with installation of an individual, one communication service, the application phone experience One”.

Car sharing

also plans musk to provide car sharing platform, which allows the automobile Tesla completely independent “generating income for you while you’re at work or on vacation,” explaining which once which can be approved self-driving by regulators, Tesla along with the automobile can be able to be summoned by anywhere. He commented: “Since most cars are not only being used by the owner for 5% to 10% of the day, which can be likely the tool of basic economic assistance a real car self-driving to be repeatedly which of the automobile which are not.”

Tesla along with also run its own fleet within the cities, where demand exceeds supply of cars owned by the client.


Musk also for production facility Tesla, describing the way in which engineering moved the brand on a big focus on the design, “a machine which makes the machine,” along with This specific means which the plant itself becomes a product. He added which the first production design line 3 should be thought of as “design 0.5, with design 1.0 of the possible [due] 2018”. This specific philosophy helps the brand to raise the volume of production as soon as possible, according to Musk.

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Source: Tesla confirms 'master plan, part two' including compact SUV along with pick-up

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