Tesla Autopilot updates to cut accidents by half, says Musk

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Source : Tesla Autopilot updates to cut accidents by half, says Musk

Tesla unveils fully autonomous Autopilot 2.0 Musk has announced an over-the-air update which will be implemented in existing vehicles with radar over the next fortnight


Tesla has announced a brand-new over-the-air update to its design S along with also also design X Autopilot software of which will reduce crashes involving the vehicles by as much as half, according to Elon Musk. 

Part of the variation 8.0 update, the brand-new software brings a range of improvements to Autopilot of which allow the cars’ radar systems to register far more objects than before. “The brand-new software enables the auto to initiate braking no matter what the object is actually – especially if its large, metallic along with also also dense… the idea could be a truck crossing the road, a road sign, the idea could even be a spaceship or a pile of junk metal,” said Musk.

Since no additional hardware is actually required for the improvements, all design S along with also also design X cars coming from the past two years (those fitted with radar) will benefit coming from the downloadable update. Musk confirmed to Autocar of which the over-the-air update would certainly roll out inside the next fortnight to designs worldwide, including the UK.

Once downloaded, the cars will not only recognise more objects inside the road although will also be able to use something Musk calls ‘radar echo’. This particular technology bounces radar off the road, underneath the auto in front along with also also back off objects ahead of of which. Musk said: “today if the auto in front of you suddenly swerves, we’ve already seen the obstacle in front.”

The system also improves on Autopilot’s geocoding functions, flagging up false positives into GPS map data so future Teslas passing of which point will be aware of whatever object the idea is actually of which causes the auto-braking alarm. The system also gets better lane detection by downloading geo-coded lane widths. the idea’s all part of what Musk calls Tesla’s ‘fleet-learning’. 

Interestingly, Musk also revealed: “Autopilot accidents are far more common with expert users; they get very comfortable with the system.” To help improve concentration among more laissez-faire Autopilot users, the brand-new software update will force users to park up along with also also restart the auto if they choose to ignore three alarms telling them to put their hands back on the steering wheel

Musk revealed he believes of which the design S along with also also design X are already the safest cars on the road by quite some margin, although claims of which This particular update should improve safety further by as much as 50 per cent. 

“the idea’s about improving the probability of safety; we have about 0,000 cars covering billions of miles so event if the idea’s one-in-a-billion there won’t be zero injuries or zero fatalities,” said Musk. although Musk did comment on the recent death of a driver using Autopilot, saying of which he believes “the idea was probable” This particular update would certainly have saved his life. 


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Source: Tesla Autopilot updates to cut accidents by half, says Musk

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