Suzuki Vitara Wins Honest John Car Of The Year 2016 Award

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Source : Suzuki Vitara Wins Honest John Car Of The Year 2016 Award


Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki can be our pleasure to announce of which the Vitara was selected the winner inside awards ceremony, John honest in 2016, which was held in London. Since its launch just 12 months ago inside United Kingdom, Vitara has proven to be very favorite, in addition to was voted the best option by the readers of . The vote can be also the name of the most favorite crossover, again by regular readers of the site, which contains more than 4400 review of his published in addition to 2.27 million visitors to the brand-new pages inside Auto Review (measuring between April 2015 in addition to April 2016).

Suzuki feet 1.4-liter Boosterjet S product in January 2016 in addition to which provides more sporting in addition to dynamic character of the line up Vitara. of which was a brand-new product which has increased the popularity of high Vitara among their readers. In addition, the Vitara heart in addition to useful video light made by last year can be the most favorite on the revision of history, having been viewed more than 250,000 times.

Commenting on the awards, Daniel Harrison, editor of honestjohn change, said: “ our readers tell us they want cars of which are practical in addition to well built in addition to honest when of which comes to fuel consumption. Vitara all of which served that has a dash of style in addition to appropriate feeling. of which can be not surprising of which of which was such a blow on the site. the added gasoline engine Boosterjet state-of-the-art earlier of which year, the culmination of another reason for us to what can be a great recommends all-rounder . of which car was the most favorite inside last 12 months with our users in addition to, by our feedback so far, of which has every reason to be our car of the year . “

Dale said White, sales in addition to Marketing Director Suzuki GB PLC: “ of which can be genuinely a great achievement for us inside Suzuki. we have a compact SUV in addition to lightweight proves to be genuinely favorite on the roads currently with 10,000 sold since its launch last year. of which’s the news great for us of which a lot of our customers have voted for him on

“Our research shows of which more than 65 per cent of prospective customers who test drive will Vitara buy one. of which can be reflected certainly in great comments by John honest users of which of which made the right decision . ”

Vitara can be available by £ 13,999 for the 1.6-liter SZ4 product that has a manual transmission, the product SZ5 can be available with either a 1.6 liter petrol engine or a 1.6 diesel offering ALLGRIP four-wheel drive as an option. 1.4-liter turbo-charged product provides S ALLGRIP standard.

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inside Vitara can be one of the safest cars in Europe, according to the results of crash tests independent of Euro NCAP, in addition to earned a maximum of 5 stars. Vitara also was the first compact SUV to earn all 5 stars inside more stringent 2015 Euro NCAP test program which promotes the ideal level of safety product.

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Source: Suzuki Vitara Wins Honest John Car Of The Year 2016 Award

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