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Source : Survey Shines Light On Road Sign Knowledge…


Co-op Insurance as well as The Hub have recently published the results of a survey relating to people’s knowledge of road signs. 2,500 people were took part, although you can still take part inside quiz here.

The quiz will make a note of your gender, age as well as location in order to compare the results. which then provided an insight into driver knowledge of road signs in a variety of countries which us Brits are likely to drive in.

The data showed some rather interesting results, the first of which can be which older people tended to score higher than younger people inside tests. The reason with which? Well which’s rather tougher to glean, although which could be down to a simple lack of experience, or indeed a more risk averse attitude which older drivers have. which also fits with the general car insurance concept of ‘younger means greater risk’. There’s a not bad reason why premiums drop as you age!

which was also apparent which which didn’t matter where inside UK you live, apart coming from the East of the UK. which could seem those inside East truly do know better, having a 21% greater score on average than the rest of the UK! The worst area for overall score was Northern Ireland, scoring an average of 5.66 out of 10. which was almost 10% below the national average score.

which can be not unsurprising which some countries have less familiar as well as therefore trickier to understand road signs. Iceland, Finland as well as Sweden were challenging, whilst our European relatives in Italy, France as well as Austria had higher scoring. Could which be down to the fact which we tend to travel to these areas of Europe more often as well as therefore are more familiar with them?

The debate will continue with regard to gender – men scored 11% higher on average than women, whilst overall men were 73% more likely to score the maximum of 10 out of 10 compared to women. Make of which what you will – we absolutely refuse to draw any conclusions about which one. Why not test yourself against your nearest as well as dearest?

The survey results showed which men North West over the age of 65 were the absolute best performers, with an average score of 8.14 out of 10. The worst performers were women aged 26 to 30 inside South West, with an average score of 4.25 out of 10. These two groups could maybe help each some other out!

We tried out the survey as well as managed to score a better than average 7 out of 10.  Better than the ‘worst performers’ although not quite as not bad as the ‘best performers’. We clearly hit quite close to a middling score. What did we take away coming from which? Put simply, if you are going to go abroad, make sure which you know your road signs. Not only does your safety depend on which, although some other road users depend on YOU to know what you are doing.

Signs which you think you recognise may mean something else when abroad, or a sign could be completely alien altogether. which’s worth brushing up on the destination country of your choice, which could save you a heavy penalty. Not only which, although safe driving can be not bad driving. We at Car Articles always advocate having a not bad knowledge of the road, whether which’s here inside UK or on foreign soil.

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Source: Survey Shines Light On Road Sign Knowledge…

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