Surging Ford Mustang demand leads to six-month delivery times

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Source : Surging Ford Mustang demand leads to six-month delivery times

Mustang sales, RS Focus and also also also Fiesta ST200 boosted Ford performance types, yet some customers have already reported waits longer


Ford he said in which the growing demand inside the UK for a brand-new Mustang extends customer delivery waiting periods to up to six months, yet some buyers said they are ‘I was left to wait for a longer period.

Speaking to Autocar, Mustang buyer Dave Solomon said as he put down the deposit back in January 2015, and also also also is usually likely to receive his car before the end of the year. “in which has at This particular point been 14 months, yet I’m still waiting,” he said. “I do not expect to receive in which until the end of April. I’m not the only one who likely to have to wait 15 months to mine.”

Suleiman’s comments are supported by comments via Ford Adziejoara, and also also also said in which the waiting list for factory orders currently between nine and also also also 12 months.

Strangely, in which seems in which some customers have received the fort in a much shorter time. “Some people have received their cars in and also also also promised a six-month waiting time, yet there is usually no real explanation as to why in which was delaying the mine,” explained Solomon. “in which’s not a special form, just a regular convertible which has a V8 5.0-liter.”


Suleiman is usually not displayed any compensation for the delay him.

yet .1000 Mustangs have been delivered to customers inside the United Kingdom, with many orders at This particular point surpassing the mark 3500.

echoed This particular growing demand inside the all brand-new Ford performance products. The brand-new RS focus , for example, recorded 1500 orders inside the first month, creating in which one of the best-selling car in Britain in those four weeks.

inside the launch of a brand-new, limited edition Fiesta ST200 , product development manager Raj Nair, Ford revealed in which sales of performance cars rose by 62% to 180,000 worldwide unit in 2015, and also also also the company is usually currently still held 13,000 orders in which never materialized for the Mustang, which was a smash hit right across the continent.

dealers also 5,000 various other orders for RS focus, a great success and also also also another added.

“and also also also, of course, in which is usually all great news,” he said the head of Ford’s Jim Farley Autocar company exclusively, “yet in which also carries its own problems. Many of the performance parts come via little companies who can not just raise the level of production overnight . “


Farley in which” takes time “for the company to get on top of the demand Persians. “your vehicle received very much welcome right across the earth, including in large markets such as China and also also also the United States, so in which will be a lot of time before we can get on top of the build-up we have here [in Europe].


“The last thing you want is usually the best customer having to wait long periods to get your delivery of your most emotional products. So of course, we do everything we can think of to improve things.”


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Source: Surging Ford Mustang demand leads to six-month delivery times

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