Steer Me, Feel Me: Exploring Why BMWs No Longer Excel in Steering Feel

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Steer Me, Feel Me: Exploring Why BMWs No Longer Excel in Steering Feel



cars The driver has cooled’s affection for sports sedan BMW during the past several years, where the Bavarians moved the focus by hardcore driving enthusiasts a growing crowd of luxury customers. in addition to diminished the unfortunate side effect of emphasizing the attributes award Us: astute balance between ride can be soft in addition to address the sharp laser, braking can be impeccable, in addition to most importantly, the dialogue clearly in addition to accurately between the driver in addition to the road through the steering

to express their grievances we have, we met with BMW driving dynamics expert Johan Kistler. While the current mission can be the director of the brand new Project 2017 BMW 5 series planned introduction later This specific year, he directed the development of Kistler last two generations of the sedan 7-series in addition to was responsible for the move to electric power steering (EPS) for. Current (F30) 3-series introduced for 2013 style


Kistler our conversation on Car in addition to Driver wavelength by thinking about the 1974 BMW 1602 owned by his wife: “This specific can be her favorite in addition to quite stunning car extent. “

” that will car can be what we started out, each feedback you can get. there’s no support (ISAF) so you have a lot of power. to remedy This specific we add hydraulic assistance in addition to get all the Messages by the road handed over to the automobile. that will means Great information in addition to information poor. when we moved to EPS learned how to divide the Great in addition to bad messages to customers. “

Asked to recall the example of bad information, explained Kistler,” lines from the road with parallel orientation car path for causing what we call the “withdrawal of drift.” tires in an attempt to trace the lines instead of the specified direction by the driver through the steering wheel. while This specific can be difficult to cope with the hydraulic steering, with EPS we can install what we call floating withdrawn compensation to help keep the automobile locked on a straight path, instead of following the longitudinal grooves.

“We have learned a lot about refining earnings per share since its introduction four years ago. One can be the philosophy of the brand new calibration allows easy adjustment of the steering torque required. This specific makes a big difference from the brand new look 5-series. There will not be any chance to match those results with hydraulic assistance. ”


an attempt to shift the focus of the directive for the reactions effort directed by the pier into the hands of the driver, in addition to I asked if I could make any EPS strides in This specific specifically area. Kistler responded, “We surveyed all of the BMW 5 Customer current series in addition to owners of competitive products, asking” What are your desires. “We have two million customers worldwide who have purchased 5 series over the past 5 years, which results in a wide spread of demands. Our mission can be to meet the prevailing needs.

” There was clearly less steering effort request. No one wants bad feedback, such as the steering wheel that will vibrates in response to bumps from the road. “

I pointed out that will a few customers speak the language engineering we use to describe This specific area of ​​car design. As a result, when the theme leadership, in addition to thought most commonly appeared in their heads can be how easy the automobile park. fear among driving enthusiasts shared with Kistler can be that will BMW today moving from the direction Lexus (in addition to some Lexus products, such as sedans can be, can be much closer to the previous guidance BMW tuning) . in addition to amateur pine can be a direct feel of the previous generation, when the system helps newspaper in addition to gear hydraulically.

“This specific’s not our intention to go the way of the Lexus. We expect to be the most athletic For example, in all the cars that will compete from the category. This specific can be how BMW. We do not study how competitors adjust their cars nevertheless the goal can be always to provide authentic BMW driving pleasure.

“can be reduced current priority one weight. We are working hard on the suspension, steering, in addition to drives everything important decisively to the character that will we seek.”

“The real challenge can be to reduce the effort without diminishing reactions. We used a brand new simulation style in addition to improve the Centeng’s structure methods. helped cooperation between experts chassis in addition to Centeng perfect touch suspension points. We also simulate the kinematics suspension in addition to learned a lot by This specific.

“with the next generation of run-flat tires, we have reduced the group driving 50 miles to less solid wall in addition to its negative impact on the ride in addition to handling. The aim was to drive less effort with the best road information. We call This specific development, beginning with the simulation in addition to finish with fine-tuning the final drive, in addition to mechanical integration.

“area we call mechatronics include electronic systems interconnected through brake Data Communications, dampers in addition to variable, in addition to guidance quartet. Computer software team can be used to integrate these parts of the automobile.


without discussion precisely because we have a complaint that will the reaction has been missing since the arrival of ePS, in addition to transitions Kistler conversation to guide precision. in This specific particular area BMW continues to excel. Next turn, the effort to build a nice in addition to any adjustable steering wheel or the necessary correction to hit in addition to hold the desired arc.

I force his ideas on the feedback of accurate information about the extent of the difficulty of working the tires, whether they are approaching the end adhesion, specifically what can be going on where the rubber meets the asphalt.

Kistler responds, “translated into German, in addition to the English word” feedback “includes precision car, in addition to how fast response, everything can be basically the automobile does not. This specific’s a great cake while you’re addressing one thin, specific slice.

“my personal opinion can be that will we provide feedback enough customers prevailing we have. Some pay 30,000 miles a year in cars BMW, including long-haul flights at high speeds. Even the strongest demand we heard was’ Please reduce steering effort. “they seem to want more isolation”

then Kistler asked if I thought made any BMW’s current reaction I expected. when I answered no, in addition to he wondered if that will included products M current, especially M2. According to the deep of the M appreciation, sharing specific comments by test us out of the automobile in addition to our disappointment at the distinct lack of that will Car reactions.

Asked for an example of some of the cars current EPS presented what we seek, in addition to I nominated the current scope of the Porsche Boxster ,, Cayman .911, even McCann.

Kistler did not show appreciation for the frank discussion we have. He concluded by talking that has a promise to focus on learning more about This specific topic, “We have many fans of BMW in America. This specific can be helpful for me to understand in addition to meet their demands. So I will take the concerns feedback with me in addition to think about This specific. I will discuss with my colleagues from the team how we can move in This specific trend with the sacrifice of different customers the benefits. “

Steer Me, Feel Me: Exploring Why BMWs No Longer Excel in Steering Feel

Source: Steer Me, Feel Me: Exploring Why BMWs No Longer Excel in Steering Feel

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