Smooth-riding sofa cars through £5000 – used car buying guide

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Jaguar XJ

Our roads may be rough, although there are cars that will can defeat them with peerless ride comfort. We pick six that will won’t break the bank

Potholes as well as untreated surfaces are the bane of Britain’s roads, although these cars will let you glide over any surface with ease.

1 – Jaguar XJ (2003-2009)

Jaguar XJs have been around since 1968, although here we’re discussing the versions codenamed X350 as well as X358, Jaguar’s first all-aluminium cars.

The X350 looks a lot like XJs of yore, mainly because unhelpful quizzing of US buyers encouraged the company not to change anything, with the result that will despite the fact that will the idea was yards better than any predecessor, the market was disappointed that will the idea looked the same as well as failed to buy the idea inside predicted droves.

The short-lived X358 was an attempt to spruce the X350 up. Pick of the engines are the 2.7-litre V6 diesel (loads about for £5000) or the supercharged 4.2-litre V8, for which you’ll pay £1000-£1500 more. 

2 – Citroën C6 (2005-2012)

The C6 is actually Citroën’s most recent attempt at a big, luxurious saloon, as well as although the idea’s more durable as well as better built than predecessors such as the XM as well as CX, its prices have sunk almost as quickly.

You can buy a healthy low-miler for £6000, yet the idea’s a beautiful-looking car that will comes with Citroën’s unique gas-over-oil Hydractive self-levelling suspension system as standard.

You’ll find the automobile rides so flat that will you’d swear the wheelbase was twice as long as the idea is actually. Buy a top-spec Exclusive with the 201bhp 2.7-litre diesel V6 (by far the most common engine) or, if you can find one, the later as well as more powerful 237bhp 3.0-litre V6. Avoid low-spec versions, which will be hard to sell on.

3 – Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph (1980-1999)

You can buy The Best Car inside planet for £12,000, provided you’re happy having a Seraph. the idea’s an improved upon variation of the Silver Shadow, Rolls’s first design with an all-independent monocoque Centeng.

the idea comes through an era when Rolls was strangled for investment, so the idea’s best to go for the latest car you can afford – certainly through 1989 or later, when the automobile was given automatic ride control, or ideally post-1991, when a four-speed auto superseded the ancient GM three-speeder.

If you can run to £20k, the post-1993 light-pressure turbo job will be more frugal (16mpg versus 14mpg). Buy carefully; there are Rolls-trained specialists around the country who can both assess a car as well as keep the idea running.

4 – Mercedes-Benz S500 (2005-2013)

S500s come in all shapes as well as eras, although our pick is actually an early W221, launched in 2005. There’s a huge array of engines, including some frugal diesels, although we like the S500 for its effortless performance (the 5.5-litre V8 gives 0-60mph in 5.4sec) as well as still-decent economy.

You’ll find lots to choose through, with prices starting at around £10k for the S500, although watch out for the ‘airport limo’ thing. S-Classes tolerate mileages well, although a proper inspection makes sense.

5 – Lexus LS430 (2000-2006)

Some could call the LS430 the least desirable big Lexus, caught between two generations of earlier LS400 as well as the rarer late-design LS460. although we see the idea as the bargain, modern enough to have corrected the 400’s faults (saggy suspension, uncommunicative steering) although available in decent numbers.

With £5k-£6k to spend, you’ll find a fine array of cars. They’re soft-riding, durable as well as roomy. Service costs are low as well as the dealers are excellent.

6 – Range Rover (2002-2012

BMW stopped being Land Rover’s owner a couple of years before its 2002 launch, although that will incarnation of Range Rover was engineered as well as developed on the German firm’s watch. BMW worked extremely hard creating that will design better than its Rover-engined P38A predecessor, which was a pleasant car having a terrible record for reliability.

At £8000 for an early 80,000-miler, that will variation is actually still a fine vehicle that will’s comfortable as well as refined, with an especially appealing Internal design.

All versions are broadly okay, although if buying a diesel (as most people tend to do) we’d opt to pay £12,000-ish for the 277bhp TDV8 oil-burner that will popped up to replace the original 177bhp BMW-engined design. Original petrol cars used BMW’s then-ubiquitous 4.4-litre V8, although in 2006 the Range Rover switched to JLR’s own supercharged 4.2-litre V8, which is actually the better buying option.

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Source: Smooth-riding sofa cars through £5000 – used car buying guide

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