Skoda Kodiaq SUV shown in Prague

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Source : Skoda Kodiaq SUV shown in Prague

Skoda Kodiaq production type of the style first Skoda SUV will be launched from the autumn of This specific year with more SUV planning variables. This specific will be our first glimpse of the style pre-production


in addition to Skoda have revealed SUV “Kodiaq” at a ceremony in Prague, before the official disclosure in Paris Motor This specific fall year.

pre-production style seems unchanged to a large extent by the concept of the visions which the item will be based. He will be due to go on sale from the UK early next year.

Although the auto industry still has not officially reveal the completely new name of your vehicle, the Skoda brand, which indicates in which they are all yet assured. Kodiaq name refers to the Alaskan Kodiak bear.

the item was planned in addition to designed Kodiaq abroad officially by visions of a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, in addition to will be eased only slightly lower production. The main elements, including the front grille in addition to prominent lighting arrangement, in addition to will be likely to reach production relatively unchanged. the item will be changed by the inside to the conceptual visions of production, yet, most likely to fit seven seats in addition to the center console more trimmed back.

While the item will be already known in which the essence of Kodiaq engine range will be taken by the gorgeous, will be scheduled to also plug-in hybrid style, although in which will not be part of the launch range. This specific will be because the Skoda Instead, the first components of the launch of the hybrid style as a variant of the wonderful throughout 2019.

in addition to will be required to become a big seller for Skoda cars payment of the completely new drive, in addition to the introduction of clients completely new marque in addition to pave the way for the SUV designs from the future. the item will also introduce, a completely new design language more emotional in addition to in which will be seen on all brand cars from the future. the item will be already known in which for the a few-door coupe-like plans SUV rakish to follow the initial launch Kodiaq, as well as performance type with mathematical design, which can carry the BSA badge.

SUV in addition to a coupe, a competitor to the likes of X4 BMW in addition to Mercedes GLC Coupe, currently works only set for China, yet the item will be likely to come to Europe as well. Another car similar to the junction with the “SUV elements” will be also in development for the Chinese market, the item will arrive in 2018. Skoda boss Bernhard Maier also said: “We might imagine there will be additional designs” from the family SUV.

beyond the launch of the SUV family, in addition to Skoda Yeti also turns into a larger style which has a four-wheel drive cars more traditional. Meyer promising greater than the area of ​​the old car, in addition to the item’s very likely in which the hybrid variant will form part of the group at all. the item will be known in which Skoda will be also working on Detailed electric car launch in 2020/21 , in addition to despite the fact in which the form of This specific style will be currently undecided, in which SUV or Centeng movement seems to be a strong option.

Skoda than 1000000 sales from the public record

“We have seen for some time in which the SUV segment saw the strongest growth from the market, said Meyer “. “This specific was the reason for Skoda to take the decision to invest in This specific sector. There will be already a great demand for witty in addition to hear by current customers in addition to those in which want customers who could like to see Skoda SUV. We have additional ideas on top of This specific”


Meyer, the traditional characteristics of the SUV – a raised sitting position, a clear vision, in addition to storage space in addition to practicality – equipped in well with the Skoda brand values. Meyer also said in which Skoda designs from the future will design more emotional closer to in which seen on the visions – a key driver in younger customers to the brand to attract

Asked whether the Skoda can explore additional designs larger or smaller after Kodiaq go for sale, Meyer said in which the decision depends on the

, Meyer said in response to a direct question about Kodiaq Autocar name “to the requirements of the market.”: “Please wait another two days we need to final approvals by the authorities all over the earth, in addition to once we have in which we can talk about the item. “

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Source: Skoda Kodiaq SUV shown in Prague

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