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Skoda Vision S can be scheduled for the first Skoda to launch an electric product in 2020 or 2021, based on the Bank Middle East electric car platform Volkswagen


Skoda will launch its first electric car ever in 2020/21 as a variant of the Volkswagen platform each brand-new group “Bank Middle East” electric battery-powered, in a big push to provide electrical variables of several types

engineers Skoda are part of the planning team can be working on a brand-new technology for electric battery Volkswagen Group, which incorporates a goal to produce a car that has a group of 300-plus-mile, 15-minute shipping along with cost time under a car for combustion engines comparison.

“, along with the group can be working on electric platform modules, along with brand-new, along with we are inside team,” the brand-new head of Skoda Bernhard Meyer Autocar said recently.

“There can be no substitute for electricity, along with we have to deal with in which issue,” says Meyer.

can be being developed architecture Bank Middle East specifically for electric vehicles along with revealed for the 1st time in VW iPod-mail MPV concept at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

are packaged

batteries inside sandwich-floor apartment, a similar idea used in Skoda Vision S plug-in hybrid concept in Geneva.

along with when filling batteries inside middle of the podium, creating Skoda space to fit the third row of seats inside boot area. So far, the hybrid SUV along with packaged batteries under the boot floor, preventing the setup to a third row of seats.

Alternative Skoda electric car battery details VW Group are scarce, nevertheless stays true to its brand, in which can be likely in which the combination of Centeng hatchback more practical along with roomy along with increase luggage space versions of different groups while offering value pricing for money.

four-wheel drive production car based on the Vision S, for example, will be booted a huge 690 liters available with the 2010 liters with the seats folded down.

‘nevertheless we have not decided exactly what your vehicle will be after Bev. , ‘along with he said we do not need to make the final decisions after Meyer.

electrified first will be the Skoda can be a wonderful

for Skoda along with the first electric car battery (BEV) actually be the second launch of the brand-new set of electrified engines in which drive Meyer through as part of the response Group’s Dieselgate.

The first Skoda with an electrified powertrain will be powered by electricity awesome , in which can be expected in 2019, which uses batteries along with motors available as part of the MQB main component group.

introduce more speed by Skoda of plug-in hybrids along with BEVs can be part of the brand-new Meyer’s plan for a period of ten years for companies entitled “2025 strategy”, which replaces the previous place of “Strategy 2018” plan, which has no plans for electric Skodas.

An important element inside “2025 strategy” to respond to the collapse of the Russian car market, which had been expected inside past as a region important to the growth of Skoda.

plans for more electric types, for example, Fabia along with Octavia , which are alternatives farther inside future, can be likely to consolidate inside coming years also adapted Meyer strategic events along with market trends. “We will check along with balance between the priorities of our business over the next three years, he says.

also part of the plan can be a review of the brand strategy, which will explore the evolving possibilities of Skoda in a brand-new direction without the up-market loss, value for money feel of its cars.

If you are inside product plan can be a replacement for Yeti , due for sale inside United Kingdom around the middle of 2017.

based Platform compact SUV variant of the MQB, the brand-new Yeti post his program with Audi Q3 along with brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan , generating in which a more traditional replace Leyte today.

likely determination to follow the same theme, such as vision S experts, create a resemblance to a strong family to a brand-new set of SUV Skoda.

brand-new coach Meyer can be a strong defender of the SUV Skoda: “in which’s the fastest slide growing inside planet. We already have a strong presence, nevertheless not enough along with not not bad enough to handle all markets. “

that has a wide range of compact SUV types inside” 2025 strategic plan, Meyer plans to expand Skoda inside brand-new markets where multiple vendors large SUVs. “

‘We are in 102 global markets today, nevertheless we will expand in which to more than 0 by the end of 2025, he says.

Skoda will move into brand-new markets in Africa, South America along with build its product range in China.

will start

brand-new types between China along with specific shortly. “If we want to double our presence in China, in which can be simply not possible without an SUV, says Meyer.

The Yeti can be already in production in China. “There can be a possibility, along with one product can come to Europe, he says.


Skoda also not to replace the Roomster shop, in which’s MPV under the hatchback title high ceiling. along with Roomster had planned to be a variant of the badge Volkswagen caddy van company, nevertheless Autocar understands was canned in which plan today.

sales inside United Kingdom, for example, has waned inside year 1900, part of the 15,000 Yeti types sold here in a period of 12 months.

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Source: Skoda electric vehicle under development

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