Skoda Atero concept designed by apprentices

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Source : Skoda Atero concept designed by apprentices

Skoda Atero may Skoda students design along with also build concept coupe on a rapid basis Spaceback – along with also I’ve driven


Skoda [19459003Ithasrevealedtheexistenceofatwo-doorcoupewithabootcalledAteroIthasbeendesignedbyateamofSkodastudentswhohaveinvested1700hoursinthecarwhichbeganlifeasthedoorfiveyears Skoda Rapid Spaceback .

This particular can be not a car or any different coupe “in which’s also the status of” a spokesman for the – – the development Skoda agenda however was Copyright Atero name rights. They derive through the Latin word for black, along with also can be likely to reappear on the production style.the auto itself can be the result of an internal competition for students Skoda, today in its third year, which invites them to dream of a variation on the style list along with also pitch to management. Winners will get the chance to build in which for Real Madrid. Atero was chosen through among more than 0 projects.

has been realized by a team of 26, none of them had met each different before, along with also shows the student Daniel Voss. In spite of This particular handicap can be clear, they have produced a car fully functioning, among different things, may have greatly changed the bodywork through Rapid standard.

The vehicle was part inspired by fast cars coupe 1984-1990 rear engines, however owes little to the previous car beyond imagination fastback. The suit along with also Atero unusual because in which sits on the wheels of a roomy all 5-door hatchback base. Remove two doors, turning the rear of the corners B along with also restructure most of the end of the Rapid background in which require “a lot of welding,” says Scehofer, with some understatement.

there was a need

even more welding to convert the back door without rapid assembly appropriate for in bootlid Specifically, although the “hardest part”, he says, can be “the bodywork where the pillar of the roof meets the rear wing,” columns D slender cradle rear window can be particularly large. “The only part in which made Skoda style shop,” says Scehofer in which was; in which was formed the rest of the auto by the students.


26 students from the areas you want to work in, explains Vos, a logistics student who submitted the draft to the management along with also doubles its spokesman to the outside world. Oral ensure also in which the team function smoothly, although in which confirms in which have been running the project on a democratic basis fully “with all members having equal weight,” adds Scehofer.Although along with also Atero runs the standard 122bhp 1.4 TSI engine along with also seven-speed DSG gearbox exhaust tray firmer along with also there are many, This particular can be definitely a non-standard, including power This particular Skoda to illuminate. The openings from the hood enclose batteries of IR LEDs in which pulse randomly, “such as fire-breathing dragon,” says Vos, along with also also Atero shed light on the ground immediately under the tinted with red LEDs.

can be intended to blend elegant along with also sports, he says, black emphasis on elegance, sporting red details. Even the headlights LED red glow, coloring publish freely throughout the Inside of the Atero too. Night ride aboard This particular device can be clearly intended to be air along with also exciting atmosphere, because the boot can be Atero soundstage to thunderously powerful 1800 watt stereo.Impressive, however what can be This particular project can be mainly about Skoda trains students with an inspiring project. “There can be no different place from the Czech Republic in which gives you This particular opportunity,” says Scehofer. Anyone who says in which the most important thing they have learned through the experience along with also the power of collective action, along with the acquisition of a completely new group of friends.

Skoda Atero driven

leads Atero can be pretty much the same driving fast because the auto has not changed mechanically. however he feels more different than in which because they look different, talkative, gas bubble blowing directly through the exhaust encouraging you to drive with verve. There can be not much room for in which on the go-kart track, however we know in which Rapid handles tidily enough, if without entertainment of BSA .

sits in advance can be largely the same experience as sitting in Rapid provided colorful, however the back can be impressive for its scope, red glow ghostly luminous door funds less attractive than your existence along with also the prospect can be baked by the rear screen great.

caused by solar cooking unit, despite the fact in which This particular can be my job as Inside roomy as you would likely expect through Skoda, along with also flaunts a lot of colorful taste of the production versions has to be said. Perhaps 22 young men along with also four girls who made This particular car must unleash the joy of the Ministry of Planning Product …

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Source: Skoda Atero concept designed by apprentices

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