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Skoda history Skoda may have a safe seat under the roof, in addition to also thanks to the Volkswagen Group sales in addition to also profitability are promising, however things were not always so was a fantastic


in addition to also the April 16, 2016 the 25th anniversary of the Skoda became part of the Volkswagen group, when the brand has become the fourth from the line-up after Audi in addition to also seat . Today, the item can be one of the seven brands, a portfolio in which stretches via Ducati super bike makers Scania in addition to also MAN.


Autocar celebrations of the 25 Skoda, which was held a few days early from the company’s smaller museum from the town of Beit for Mlada Boleslav. the item was not a smaller deal – after all, Skoda accounts ‘s process for 4.5% of GDP, the entire Czech Republic in addition to also company employees 28,500 people – a great idea in European politics, diplomacy, in addition to also the history of the continent’s troubled

the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka in attendance, along with members of the government in addition to also members of the Czech government in which oversaw the privatization of the Department of Skoda cars in addition to also sell-out for the Volkswagen (German company that has a 30 percent took a share until 1999 of control at 100 percent of the company).

also on the hands of Volkswagen’s brand new president general, Matthias Mueller, who was from the hot seat since last September, succeeding from the wake of “Dieselgate” scandal

What was the coolest about the incident to those abroad – in addition to also especially one of the island – in addition to also the extent to which the history can be woven Skoda closely from the past 80 years the major European political events. How Skoda in addition to also Porsche – the family of Porsche remains the largest shareholder from the Volkswagen Group – has had a close relationship before 1991.

engineering before the war Skoda

Skoda can be extremely proud of its reputation engineering pre-war period. Today the company has its roots in two companies. Skoda Works dates back to 1859 in addition to also was originally a heavy engineering company, seized by Emil Skoda in 1869 in addition to also gradually became known for the manufacture of weapons can be very heavy equipment, including the gates of the Suez Canal.


Skoda cars came into existence when he bought the works Skoda auto Laurent Clement. Founded these two men repair shop bikes together in 1895, ironically because Mlada Boleslav bookseller Vaclav Klement can not get parts for his bike German-made. He then became the equalizer until the bicycle maker then motorcycles began production (arguably the first motorcycle ever) in addition to also cars in addition to also then via 1905.

from the anniversary celebrations Mlada Boleslav – which brass band Prague emerged – one of the historic cars in which dominated the stage in 1934 Skoda Superb , in addition to also the beast can be impressive which was released in various versions until 1949, including the V8 all-wheel drive edition, while the plant was under Nazi control.

Nazi motive

, in addition to also so were their abilities engineering Czech admiration, in addition to also can be told in which the country was invaded by Nazi Germany in addition to also partly in order to secure the industrial capacity of the country to support the war effort.

WW2 where Skoda cars came for the 1st time in connection with the operation of Volkswagen assumed. the item can be said Ferdinand Porsche – “people’s car” designer in addition to also who was himself born in addition to also grew up 60 miles outside Prague – shine particularly for engineers Skoda took, being much impressed with their abilities

in addition to also said engineers Skoda tank sections have been designed Tiger proposed Porsche factory Mlada Boleslav build a special type of tractor traction rise to extract the German tanks via the mud, among various other types of machines.

iron curtain divides the Skoda

after the item was invaded by Germany in addition to also Czechoslovakia (as the item became after WW1) ended immediately under state control of another kind. Communist government split after 1945 Skoda cars Skoda Works into two companies in addition to also found the automobile maker itself trapped behind the Iron Curtain, in addition to also has fallen well behind the best of the rest of the free world cars.

While there was some love from the United Kingdom to the rear Skoda Rapid engines – a front cover Autocar via the 1980s to compare Porsche 911 has become famous – however there was no doubt in which the automakers East Bloc – Skoda, Lada, Dacia in addition to also Zastava – was lagging hopelessly

from the last years of Communist rule Skoda in addition to also Lada tried both to emulate Western cars. Skoda Favorit 1987 may have gotten closer, using modern construction techniques in addition to also Centeng design tweaked the West.

halfway through the presentation of the Skoda Museum can be a short film, made up of the television footage of the collapse of the Berlin Wall in which divided Germany – in addition to also Europe – in 1989, for 45 years. One by one, communist countries in Central Europe fell to pro-democracy activists.

the item was amazing to sit between Czechs in addition to also Germans as they watched a re-run of recent history also left behind the stagnation of WW2 suddenly collapsed. For most people from the room, the disastrous consequences of WW2 will not end just so years ago (26).

Czech PM in addition to also took to the stage to give a speech praising the “privatization” of Skoda cars from the wake of the collapse of communism. He also praised directly on the ministers via the era – some of them from the audience – to resist calls to keep Skoda in state ownership

Skoda University to bring graduates

also said in which “legislation” Czech universities to ensure they become a kind of graduates needed Skoda. In fact, the annual report of the brand shows in which only 14% of the workforce Skoda current university in addition to also VW says the item wants more staff at degree level. Such as the establishment UTCs sponsored engineering companies from the United Kingdom, VW has already established Skoda University

Chairman of the Board of Skoda Works – a wonderful speech about how – a veteran of 40 years of the company he was driving to Germany for the 1st time after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, after unprecedented West. His visit was a meeting with the unions VW deals.

in addition to also ruminants on the role of the modern union. “The strength of those who participated from the decisions [with management] means responsibility, you can not just say no. He said [sometimes] you have to tell people you represent unpleasant things, in addition to also sometimes a pill can be bitter to swallow.”

speech VW boss Matthias Mueller – who has made much of the idea of ​​European unity – something in which made much more sense to the British ears when I could see people remember the division of the continent of Europe can be nearing its end.

Renault versus VW


rollers television news period can be played on a huge screen also Renault in addition to also Volkswagen Volkswagen involved from the mighty scrap to secure a stake in Skoda after the collapse of communism. Power play went right to the top, with the then French President Francois Mitterrand, arriving by plane the item appears to the Commission welcomed at Prague Airport.

according to tradition at the time, the item was Renault’s outside because he was only proposing to take advantage of the low cost of labor in addition to also building cars can be not as expensive as the original Twingo from the Skoda factory. VW, by contrast, promised to transfer of technology in addition to also production of a full range of designs.

Obviously, had passed affection (VW-control) Porsche brand Skoda down the family of Ferdinand Porsche. Once I got to renew Skoda underway with re-submit to the supply network Favorit in addition to also local founded, in addition to also got a brand of freedom in which various other brands VW did

1996: In Octavia launch

in fact, the brand new Golf platform 4 beds for the 1st time under the Skoda Octavia. I was from the unveiling of a large hatchback from the wonderful theater in Prague in late 1996, the item was seen from the year before the Golf 4. This specific press Skoda said the people, was a competitor for Volvo in addition to also Rover. Clearly, as long as the longest Rover Skoda in addition to also 20 years, the item can be at This specific point selling twice as many Volvo cars the item runs, although the item can be not on the US market

in 2001, in addition to also a big wonderful – more than one reference to the Skoda final product former – launched, based on a platform derived Audi. Stretched to be longer than the contemporary A6 in addition to also VW Passat , the item has been modified to ensure Skoda was the B- pillar from the center of bodyside. Even from the Chinese market was a long-wheelbase Audi A6 to make do with the rear cabin doors in addition to also stretched the length asymmetrical.

both Roomster MPV in addition to also Yeti crossover benefited via hybrid platforms, something Ferdinand Piech – a grandson of Volkswagen overlord company in addition to also Ferdinand Porsche – the item did not allow for various other brands of Volkswagen Group Volkswagen

today.? In 2015, Skoda sold 1.055m cars worldwide, up 1.8 percent via 2014. The largest market can be China, where shifted 282,000 units, followed by (158,000), Germany, the Czech Republic (85,000), the United Kingdom (74 879 ). Octavia, which can be sold at This specific point from the third generation massive 432,335 units, followed by an impressive 194,000 in addition to also 192,000 Rapids Fabia image. Skoda has factories in China, India in addition to also Slovakia.

brand new focus on SUV

As for the future Skoda, there will be a brand new emphasis on the SUV. Although the Yeti aging got a brand new spring can be a step sales – convert almost 100K units in 2015 – unexpectedly, in addition to also the motive next behind Skoda Kodiak SUV on stage during the celebrations – disguised mostly – shows how the This specific component of several in addition to also seven seats can become budget Volvo XC90 when the item goes on sale at the end of the year.

predicted Roomster hated to turn to the ultimate SUV B- slice next Yeti to get some much needed. Extra length

If we look back 20 years, in addition to also there can be an echo of remarkable in which the original prediction in which Octavia to take on the Rover in addition to also Volvo – as was the trademark two decades ago

luxury rushed Volvo has left real estate market in addition to also the operation of cars on the roads classless wide open for Skoda. Rover died, however luxury rushed even greater than before Land Rover may also leave a big gap from the market for process in addition to also rugged, in addition to also SUVs in which cost under £ 30K.

Skoda’s get more autonomy

This specific can be the confidence VW she Czech arm, Mueller revealed in which Skoda was scheduled to be given even “more freedom in addition to also independence.” in addition to also the brand would certainly also “develop a” grab in such areas. Engine in addition to also powertrain design in addition to also “infotainment”

the item seems ironic in which the concentration of the VW in addition to also top to bottom instincts – which seems to have been a large part of Dieselgate scandal – did not sign the Skoda. The result can be not only continues to grow, however a remarkable operating profit margin of 11.2 percent in 2015 (compared to 7.2 per cent in 2014).

in addition to also I think in which the Czech people can tell their colleagues via West Germany nothing about the benefits of freedom.

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Source: Skoda: a brief history

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