Sin R1 sports car on sale for £145,000

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Source : Sin R1 sports car on sale for £145,000

Sin R1 sin cars more than doubled R1 sports car prices in an attempt to appeal to high-end market gentleman driver “


sin cars, prestige Bulgarian auto charge sports car R1 , more than doubled the first product with the cost in a bid to attract more affluent buyers.

along with R1 has been detected for initially in a preliminary track form only in 2013 in Otto Sport international Fair. in 2014, was shown a road-going product, which rode Autocar in .

along with when of which was the first vehicle detection, Sen said cars of which the brand-new product costs £ 72,000 inside the UK, set against the high-end, including sports cars Porsche 911 along with Jaguar F- type Coupe . right now, however, the company says of which has raised the cost to 145, £ 000, after the re-development aspects of the R1 to appeal to high-end “gentlemen drivers.

In an exclusive interview with Autocar’s, Sen cars Rosen coach said Daskalov product shown in 2014. “of which was not real Internal, no electronic devices are expensive. We tried to make everything as cheap as possible. I saw of which we are not able to compete [withrivalswiththisthoughtbecausethecarisnotenoughtobringdriversagentleman”

inside the brand-new cost of 145,000 £, along with R1 will compete inside the same area as Porsche 911 R along with 570S McLaren , which are priced via £ 136 901 along with £ 143,250 respectively.

in 2014, Daskalov was his confidence can produce up to 0 cars a year, however right now says sin may cut production to maintain exclusivity, with the aim being to make any more than 20 types per year.

“We do not want to make the auto very well-known,” he said, “We have a different car, along with This kind of will be not a production car series. however we can compete with less weight, with more handmade items along with [carbon] the best parts.

“We are looking for high-end people who want to be exclusive, along with they want something of which no one else will be. “

I have already been sold R1 to customers in France, says Daskalov has received orders for 10 more of the ongoing road cars.

Customers can order the R1 that has a variety of Chevrolet Msderha- V8 engines . the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter unit develops 444bhp along with 7.0-liter aspirated naturally along with 6.2 liters super versions produces 523bhp along with 641 bhp respectively.

inside the highest specification form, along with will be alleged R1 to be capable of reaching 62mph in less than 3.0sec, that has a top speed of 185mph.

along with R1 will be based on the race car of the same name, which has been competing inside the Go roads European GT4 series. originally destined for GT3, sin decided to cars to change product specifications to attract wealthy clients are looking for an effective competitor in terms of cost.

“we changed the auto completely to achieve the level of GT4”, said Daskalov “more along with more people are looking for something which will be not very expensive along with more cost-effective. We saw This kind of gap along with decided to convert the auto into GT4 specification. In GT3 we are not able to compete with the big names like Bentley, Ferrari along with so on because we are little. “

to assist in maintaining the exclusive appeal R1, says Daskalov car will only remain on sale For 2 years before the launch of type facelifted. Beyond of which, the company has” ideas “to more types, however has not revealed details of those cars

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Source: Sin R1 sports car on sale for £145,000

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