Simon Saunders wins Autocar's Sturmey Award

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Source : Simon Saunders wins Autocar's Sturmey Award

Simon Saunders wins Autocar's Sturmey Award founder Ariel continues to innovate with technology he calls “subversive”


Sturmey This specific year’s award goes to a man the company’s annual production, has calculated, the item will not remain Toyota in business for a few minutes. “In fact, I think the item’s even less than that will,” says Ariel ‘s Simon Saunders.

nevertheless in spite of that will there is usually a great advantage in launching the sports car company along with also turn the item into the British marque established, as Saunders did, there’s much more than Ariel than just a car atom sports – or various other versions since supplemented the item

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while conducting interviews with Saunders in Crewkerne company, Somerset HQ, which threatens Ariel to get rid by, along with also we were standing next to the experimental corn that will is usually made of titanium chassis, for the material, creating the item difficult to fabricate brutally that will she had to be welded inside a tent full of gas, with the operator abroad. “We’ve ummed along with also ahhed about doing a limited edition,” says Saunders, “nevertheless that will your vehicle has become a means of development. There is usually a project for there which is usually called LEAP, which stands for” lightweight electric architecture style. “

” in order that will he has vehicle wiring harness light weight, along with also although the item was not too heavy anyway. nevertheless down by 9.5KG to 1.25KG. Although the item’s only eight kilograms, the item is usually significant that will if you can repeat the item on Range Rover , which may have a harness 100KG – that will if I got taken up by a major supplier received a – there could be some savings enormous weight. “

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Project LEAP is usually one of many that will Ariel is usually involved with through innovation within the United Kingdom along with also agency-backed government, along with also a network of specialized vehicle (NVN), an association of more than 400 tiny company in an open surprising relationship, given that will some of them in some way in competition with each various other. “innovation the NVN very supportive of our R & D projects “says Saunders. as well as the structure of titanium wire harness, is usually currently involved Ariel in” three multi-million pound projects looking at fresh along with also disturbing technologies. “

by” sabotage, “Saunders talking, along with also I thought, payment, which gives you idea of ​​Saunders along with also ambition Ariel: do not grow sales to unrealistic levels, nevertheless to push the limits, along with also do things that will the big companies can not or do not. to do things that will are fun nevertheless difficult.

Ace motorcycle Ariel, which began in 2014, is usually an example. “Corn has made look like a wide open space,” says Saunders. “You know, beautiful along with also packaged corn tightly, nevertheless that will’s nothing compared with the bike. I remember the days when we were able to find 2mm within the battery box, along with also was the cause of great celebration, nevertheless properly packed tightly because there are a lot of things on a bike these days. the item’s got traction control, ABS, brake linked, fuel ECU injection, along with also all he has to go to the space under the fuel tank. If we did not have to carry fuel, we will have a lot of space, along with also the item’d be fantastic. “

ace, then, “the item was a difficult process, nevertheless the item shows what we are trying to do with all vehicles,” says Saunders. “I think the item is usually important that will tiny manufacturers are trying to do what adults do not. When tiny businesses are trying to do what adults do, along with also usually fall flat on their faces, nevertheless every year people – perhaps more than one person – come with your vehicle faster than Ferrari, the best built by Porsche, the budget is usually in your pocket, along with also they’re not going to do the item unless you throw billions of pounds within the item.

“even if you do what big manufacturers can not, daren’t, along with also won” t or you do not want to, “he says,” This specific is usually our position. that will is usually one reason why the frame on a motorcycle of milled aluminum. will not motorcycle manufacturing in their right mind to do the item, nevertheless also we could not afford casting costs. costs alone tools the item would likely be seven figures. ”

ace highly customizable, allowing riders to choose the options you want within the time of purchase, rather than specifying aftermarket parts that will once you buy a bike along with also ending which has a rack of standard parts unwanted. along with also the item’s a similar deal with cars along with also Ariel.

“We can meet different demands. We do not take a long time along with also sit along with also talk about what customers want to do with their car – some want road car, some want to go to the Nurburgring along with also breaking personal record – along with also help them drive specs to what you want to do, or budgets, or whatever, “says Saunders. “Someone called us to Savile Row auto industry: You can not walk in to buy one, unless the item is usually used. the item is usually quite a long wait stop if you want one, though not completely over the nine years that will Morgan the item, nevertheless you need patience. nevertheless I will you get everything your car. there will not be another one like the item. ”

in 2015, along with also joined by the corn Nomad Ariel within the line-up, the transformation of the company that will corn was launched in 2000 to multiple auto style. “We have been thinking about Nomad for a long time,” says Saunders, “along with also the item’s kind of a logical thing to do, nevertheless the item seems that will everyone takes off guard. We like the way the item was received. The way we explain to people who do not fully understand is usually that will corn goes on the road along with also turns left on the race track, along with also the Bedouin right turn into the woods, along with also off you go along with also have fun in different ways. “

add Ace along with also Nomad to Ariel line-up is usually part of the achievement of the original ideal of Saunders. “The original dream, if you like, was to be a tiny maker offers a variety of different vehicles suitable for the production of tiny amounts. the item took us some time to do a second style, nevertheless currently they are coming quickly. There will be one different This specific year, along with also we expect there will always be an atom We expect there will always be a Bedouin, nevertheless the item will change over time. “

change in corn, Saunders admits that will although his company is usually not like the big companies, along with also some of the challenges we face. “In some ways, we do not disagree,” he says. “As the item gets on the best car, the item gets more expensive, the item gets heavier, the same way the Range Rover gets bigger along with also heavier, so we’re fighting is usually always the same way, in This specific weight along with also emissions are the enemy. We want a clean car, nevertheless also on the performance for us because we make a lightweight car, so if we take 8KG of the high wire, either because the item makes your vehicle lighter or they compensate which make your vehicle heavier. so the item’s the same battle, if you like, “

along with also there are, at heart, you have: Ariel is usually constantly striving forward, facing the same challenges as large car manufacturers, despite creating less than 300 vehicles per year, along with also to overcome them with skill, dedication along with also innovation. There are no more worthy recipient Sturmey Award This specific year.

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Source: Simon Saunders wins Autocar's Sturmey Award

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