Silverstone Pays Tribute To James Hunt

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40 the will be the commemoration of the swashbuckling world championship-winning season, James Hunt in a wonderful style later This particular month at Silverstone Classic (July 29 to 31, 2016)

Hunt’s life is actually short however epic – died Englishman charismatic heart attack in 1993 at the age of only 45 – will be praised when he offered a very special cars along with also also memorabilia through his title-winning 1976 campaign under the auspices of two sons Tom along with also also Freddie, both of which will be at Silverstone in all parts of the stunning event for three days.

was a no-brainer to choose the Silverstone Classic to celebrate the anniversary of my father articular ,” enthused Freddie. “ This particular is actually the largest classic racing event inside globe, along with also also Silverstone along with also also, of course, This particular was very special for him circle. His antics on along with also also off the track genuinely caught national mass imagination of the high speed of Silverstone along with also also the nature of the seventies This particular seemed to genuinely fit him accuse hard-driving style. This particular was where he achieved until the first of its kind in Formula his first win – trophy international BRDC in 1974 – where he won the British Grand Prix as world champion in 1977, starting through pole position along with also also beating Ferrari’s Niki Lauda in second place

“The Silverstone Classic meeting is actually also the first race went ever until after the death of my father, so This particular’s very special for me, along with also also I’ve been back since then regularly. There are many different types of cars – This particular’s genuinely great for any enthusiast. I would certainly say This particular is actually the number one event inside year, along with also also therefore the perfect place to be paying tribute to my father . “

as spherical to anticipated-impatiently 40 the anniversary celebrations inside Classic, Freddie recently had the privilege of driving title-winning McLaren M23 at Silverstone to feature television along with also also father to be aired as part of the cover channel 4 for the British Grand Prix This particular weekend.

was very emotional for me, along with also also I had a lump in my throat just sit behind the wheel inside pits ,” admitted the player aged 29 year-old, who bears more resemblance to hit his father. “ I’ve always wanted to drive the vehicle on the circuit, so This particular was a great experience .”

This particular evocative McLaren M23 used Hunt to win both the French racing along with also also German in 1976 (along with also also who starred inside movie Rush ) will be at the show in a hole frame 16 within the international arena throughout the Classic, along using a range of large cars through Hunt’s career F1 heroic. This particular will line up Besides Surtees TS9B who gave him F1 debut in 1973 along with also also McLaren M26, who won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1977, however only after a huge dice with John Watson Brabham alfa Red.

as well as put the spotlight on road cars along with also also racing highlights Hunt, collecting tribute along with also also also feature rarely seen trophies along with also also gifts through the historic 1976 season.

Fans do not want to miss This particular special James Hunt celebrations must buy their tickets in advance. Adult prices through £ 42 along with also also full details of all the tickets – as well as hospitality packages Festival weekend camping – can be found on the event website: . In addition to the huge appeal of the festival, which includes free entrance tickets to each of the race paddocks along with also also pit complexes, terraced race in live concerts on Friday along with also also Saturday evenings.

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Source: Silverstone Pays Tribute To James Hunt

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