Should we take Ssangyong seriously?

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Source : Should we take Ssangyong seriously?

Ssangyong We have seen the likes of Hyundai in addition to Kia to convert by the list of participants also major manufacturers, in addition to Ssangyong has every chance for second place


remember how we chortled about crudity of Hyundai in addition to Kia cars? Hyundai Pony 1990s, rag in addition to wrote one, in addition to the answer will be in Korea to the Morris Marina 1974.

Look at these two companies at This kind of point. The joint force puts the item in fourth place inside the league table of the planet’s automakers, in addition to not so far behind Toyota , General Motors, in addition to Volkswagen group in addition to Ford – not to mention for by some of the great concerns, such as April , Renault , PSA Peugeot Citroen in addition to Fiat Chrysler .

Hyundai in addition to Kia are very not bad.

So, maybe the item’s time to start taking Ssangyong seriously. Certainly, the item will not threaten the dominance of the planet for a while, what with global sales last year below 170,000. although even with the fresh recovery plan Kickstarter only just (about successful way, SUV group twofold – Tivoli in addition to Tivoli XLV). Sales began to build

Better yet, company officials appear impressive in addition to clear desire to succeed. Products are not after class leaders, although they contain the competence in addition to quality which puts them already by some of the candidates, in addition to at attractive prices.

sales volume so far in 2016 will be not so far behind the land rover results only three or four years ago. More importantly, Ssangyong will be well on the road to implementation of a credible, specific plan costs for the replacement of three large four-wheel drive cars with fresh types in 2019. Before

in addition to will be working to develop in addition to market reform as the item goes, the way to achieve CEO size Johng Sik Choi required of 500,000 units. Of these, 300,000 cars in addition to 0,000 completely built as dislocation (CKD) kits for assembling all around the planet in markets such as China, South America in addition to Russia to revive.

when the expansion will happen, we will see major rivals such as the Memorandum of Land Rover in addition to pocket began to take a great deal more than a little notice Ssangyong. The Korean specialist SUV battling headwinds for ten years – although at This kind of point the item has changed the wind direction

fresh Ssangyong Rexton to lead the maker’s growth plans

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Source: Should we take Ssangyong seriously?

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