Should The Drink Drive Limit Be Lowered?

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brand new survey by Brake, the road safety charity as well as also Direct Line has found which nearly 80% (78%) of drivers think the drink drive limit is actually too high as well as also more than half (54%) of drivers think the drink drive limit should be reduced to an effective zero tolerance limit of 20mg/100ml.

The results of the survey suggest which the rest of the United Kingdom should follow Scotland’s lead in reducing the drink-drive limit. Currently the rest of the United Kingdom has the highest drink-drive limit in Europe with 80mg/100ml blood, whilst Scotland reduced their limit to 50mg/100ml in December 2014.

One in eight (13%) of road deaths on the United Kingdom’s roads [1] are caused by drink-driving which is actually why Brake calls for a zero tolerance drink-drive limit. This particular is actually in line with evidence which even 20-50mg/100ml alcohol in your blood makes you at least three times more likely to be killed in a crash [2]. A zero tolerance drink-drive limit may help stop the estimated 65 deaths a year caused by drivers who drink although are under the legal limit [3].

The drivers of the survey also felt which drinking some alcohol, which might’ve meant they were under the current drink-drive limit, might impair their driving. Eight in ten of drivers surveyed (79%) felt which having the equivalent of one pint of beer might affect their driving.

Case study

Daniel Glynn, through Kent, will never forget Christmas 2010. He spent Christmas Day in hospital, undergoing emergency surgery for injuries he suffered because he had caught a lift home through a party on Christmas Eve which has a friend who’d been drinking.

They’d been out celebrating, as well as also Daniel knew his friend had had a drink although didn’t realise how much as well as also accepted a lift anyway. Travelling back, Daniel’s friend lost control as well as also the vehicle span across the road as well as also hit a tree at full force. Police reported your vehicle was unrecognisable as well as also the engine was found 5 metres away.

Daniel was taken to hospital, as well as also was told he had broken all the ribs on his left side, his knee cap was badly damaged as well as also his bowel had been ruptured. Daniel had to return to hospital many times for further treatment as well as also repeat a year at college because of time out due to his injuries.

Daniel said: “I was naive. I thought This particular wouldn’t happen to me, although I right now know drink driving, or getting a lift which has a drink driver, is actually never worth the risk. My life was turned upside down, as well as also I went through months of terrible agony which could have easily been avoided. although I was one of the lucky ones: This particular could easily have ended both our lives. right now I’d never catch a lift which has a driver who’s been drinking, not even one drink, as well as also I’d urge everyone to make the same commitment. Speaking up about drink driving isn’t always easy, although This particular could save a life or prevent a horrific injury, so please speak out to friends as well as also family, as well as also if you’re a driver, commit to never, ever, drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel.”

Gary Rae, director of communications as well as also campaigns for Brake, said: Drink-driving, despite being more socially unacceptable, is actually still a major issue on our roads, especially as our current, legal drink-drive limit in England as well as also Wales is actually the highest in Europe. This particular sends a confusing message as well as also asks drivers to guess if they are under the limit.

Equally confusing is actually the stance of secretary of state for transport Chris Grayling, who said which the drink-drive limit wouldn’t be cut to penalise motorists for ‘having a glass of wine at the pub’. Cutting the drink-drive limit might be putting road users’ safety first as well as also the reality is actually which a tiny amount of alcohol can impair your driving, as the evidence shows.

The only safe choice is actually not to drink at all before driving. The government need to do more as well as also following Scotland in reducing the limit might be a start. However, only by having a zero tolerance approach to drink-driving will ever see a law which is actually clear to everyone. Here at Brake we are appealing to the public inside run up to Christmas to show zero tolerance on drink driving, as well as also make the Brake Pledge to never get behind the wheel after any amount of alcohol.”

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line said: There is actually no excuse for drink-driving as well as also so we urge those enjoying the festivities to plan their onward travel in advance by producing use of public transport, taking a taxi, staying overnight or asking a sober friend or relative to pick them up”.

Make the Brake Pledge to never get behind the wheel after any amount of alcohol as well as also watch Tina Wood’s story here.

[1] DfT, Reported road casualties in Great Britain: Estimates for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels: 2014 (final) as well as also 2015 (provisional), 2016

[2] Review of effectiveness of laws limiting blood alcohol concentration levels to reduce alcohol-related road injuries as well as also deaths, National Institute for Health as well as also Clinical Excellence, 2010

[3] Reducing the BAC limit to 50mg – what can we expect to gain? Professor Richard E Allsop, Centre for Transport Studies, University College London (PACTS, 2005)

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Source: Should The Drink Drive Limit Be Lowered?

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