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Here at Car Articles, we’re big fans of cars of all shapes in addition to sizes. We’re also big fans of the recent advancements in mile per gallon technology for both diesel in addition to petrol engines. After all, better fuel economy means we can use our cars without having to spend more cash right? More importantly perhaps of which means of which there is usually less strain on oil – which is usually of course a dwindling resource.

With of which in mind, we’ve tried Yet again to jump on the economical driving front. We’ll never be hypermilers (we’ve seen reports of some getting in excess of 10MPG or more over the rated mile per gallon figure), however we’re also not stupid with our cash. So, here are several tips of which might just help you out:

  • If of which’s a short journey, just leave the automobile at home. Whilst This kind of might seem like a complete misnomer (in addition to so like a piece of crap advice), hear us out. Short journeys are the enemy of miles per gallon. If your car isn’t up to temperature in addition to of which’s likely to be idling at traffic lights, of which’ll harm economy. Fuel consumption will be up in addition to MPG will be down. Less than a mile, stretch your legs a while.
  • Low rolling resistance tyres at the correct level of inflation will beat your ‘just off the forecourt’ summer racing tyres when of which comes to MPG. They might not look as cool though.
  • When you see a red (or lights turning to amber), don’t speed up to them or maintain constant acceleration. Take your foot off the accelerator in addition to allow the automobile to slow naturally. You’ll save on unnecessary fuel being burnt.
  • Go easy on the brakes. Obviously safety must come first, however if you accelerate less then the chances are you’ll brake less. You don’t want to turn all of which lovely forward motion into heat within the brakes at This kind of point do you?
  • Don’t labour the engine – by being in too high or low a gear the engine will struggle. You’ll be able to tell This kind of is usually the case if the revs are far higher or lower than normal.

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Source: several Tips For Driving Economically…

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