Self-driving Kias planned by 2020

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Source : Self-driving Kias planned by 2020

A £1.3bn investment is usually planned to bring self-driving tech to Kias by the end of the decade


Kia will invest £1.3bn by 2018 in order to launch advanced driver assist technology by 2020, building to the introduction of its first fully autonomous vehicle by 2020. The projects will be jointly developed with parent company Hyundai.

The announcement is usually significant because of which indicates the firms will not be ready to match the launch of autonomous cars by rivals by 2020. “Fully autonomous cars are still some way off, along with also a great deal of research along with also rigorous product testing will need to be carried out to make the self-driving car a reality,” said Tae-Won Lim, vice president of advanced research along with also engineering.

Autonomous technology Kia expects to have ready by 2020 includes systems to detect some other vehicles along with also hazards along with also control systems of which then automatically take avoiding action if danger is usually detected.

In addition, more conventional lane guidance along with also smart cruise control along with also traffic jam assist modules, which automatically keep your vehicle a set distance coming from some other vehicles, will be on sale by 2020. Kia also says of which will launch brand-new self-parking technology, which will allow owners to exit a car along with also then order of which to park itself at the push of a button. 

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Source: Self-driving Kias planned by 2020

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