Seat Leon, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra versus Mazda 3 – warm hatch group test

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Source : Seat Leon, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra versus Mazda 3 – warm hatch group test

Seat Leon, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra versus Mazda 3 as well as 197 bhp seeks completely new Vauxhall Astra Lanka to be the best of several warm days of the door opening, although talented rivals by Ford as well as Mazda as well as seat position in its path. Rulers Matt Saunders


hello to you inside the hot hatchback accidental, as well as somewhat shy lights, driver’s car affordable.

may not be the place in which you’re trying to get out, although could become so once you’ve read This kind of test group. So prepare to be surprised exactly vital how much activity the best examples of This kind of product right now offers – as well as in which kind of money you’ve spent only on medium diesel-term highway hack

This kind of can be the place of ordinary family made fivedoor unusual bit. Specially designed performance in front of the drivers as well as there can be somewhere else, in a place inaccessible altogether. We are lining up cars here working with the suspension, wheels, tires as well as brakes shared with many of their sister products settings, as well as the most efficient gasoline engine in an attractive line-up (leaving aside the top-of-the-line GTIs as well as their ilk). These are, for the most part, just a Great handling gates equipped with engines in which start in generating This kind of deal say. This kind of can be where you find out which can be faster as well as better to drive.

as well as Ford Focus Red Edition takes petrolpowered Zetec S as its basis, adding alloy wheels painted brake calipers, two-tone function outdoor paint, as well as some additional standard equipment as well as an upgrade for the 1.5-liter motor shows turbo gasoline engine which the item increases the peak power to 180bhp. the item should be our favorite, although the focus of the current generation did not always do justice to their reputation of the maker of market-leading as well as handling for a ride. We’ll see if more of the jurisdiction of the sport makes the automobile safer bet.

as well as Seat Leon EcoTSI play a role within the Spanish maker FR-up temperature products, so the item must be among the shortest odds choices, too. Drawing energy by the reduction, 148bhp 1.4-liter turbo engine with fuel-saving cylinder deactivation, the item has the look as well as feel of a private junior performance. although the item will not be enough poke to truly put on a show?

as well as Mazda 3 2.0 Skyactiv-G sports movement flagged air rescue, with high compression ratio as well as promising for zingy 163bhp. the item’s relatively expensive although features a curvy, design alternative as well as Inner surface rich as well as well-equipped. He has also impressed on previous knowledge with various other versions of the game with them as well as respond to the treatment. the item’s here on the basis of merit

The reason they gathered all right now can be the final competitor: in Vauxhall Astra , which was just a 197bhp 1.6-liter turbo engine strapped down in front of him. Nuff said.

SRI- This kind of point Vauxhall comes in our region compared with the comparative advantages are evident as well as clear lines of authority as well as the pace implied, then. We’ll see how great in which truly can be a head start when the item can be applied to the timing gear Autocar. What matters by the kick-off here can be in which these cars are matched as evenly as we can make them, in ways in which are likely the most important of their respective owners. All showroom prices of view of a little more than £ 20,000, all in which can be provided on your return P11D tax rate of the tax benefits in kind of about 20%. All qualify for insurance rating group of about 20. the item made the focus ST or the Volkswagen Golf GTI seem expensive to run.

Let’s get on with the item. What we have here, viewed somewhat harshly, perhaps, four heroes volumebrand deploy relatively powerful engines, bodykits “sports” as well as high levels of equipment in order to tempt you do not do what inside the planet as well as his wife have been doing for ten years or more right now buy ” premium. ” If you would likely rather entry-level 109bhp 1.6-liter diesel Audi A3 Sportback, fair enough. There are a lot of reasons why many of us buy affordable, luxury diesel car, although few of them keep the Autocar test group worth reading.

, although if you are less bound to lower emissions, the cheapest car you can get more interested inside the driving experience of the badge in which comes with the item, prick up your ears -to time. I figured out in which you can be quite taken with the idea of ​​spending the money himself, as well as after obtaining a car capable of sprinting to 60mph in less than eight seconds, instead of about 11 or get an engine in which spins all the way to 6500rpm, as well as not just 5000rpm, which seems more a little ‘F1 talk “by the” Formula one logistics Limited. “I certainly will be. If you’re thinking of trading the prestige of the premium brand for all aspects of sports appeal, as well as the more you get, the better the trade seems sure.

slides in Leon FR as well as you’ll find plenty of sports appeal for a moment, generated the manner in which any hatchback hot may conjure the item at first: with reinforced thickly, part-leather sports seats, three-spoke leather steering wheel are looking purposeful, pedals shiny as well as some developer tools follow-up. sitting in seat can be to understand immediately in which you are about to pay something fun.

as well as yet to what extent This kind of can be also true in Ford , Vauxhall as well as Mazda decreases as you progress along in which list. Focus has the steering wheel of the skin by touch, as well as reduce, gearknob short throw, although her short-cushioned cloth seats as well as pervasive greyness hospitality does not win many points the cake. Astra seats, although comfortable, as well as equally unusual appearance spacious as well as decorated its Inner surface flashily with chrome as well as gloss black trims although mono colour as well as very cheap to the touch in some places. 3, meanwhile, can be moving on a tangent all on its own, with heated leather seats as well as luxurious textured metal heater controls. I imagine, to begin with, which was not intended as a car driver at all.

until you hear a row, of course. At in which point, I knew for sure in which Mazda aims to drivers more careful. Car normally aspirated 2.0-liter engine features a Rorty edge to her tone inside the middle courses, as well as the item’s simple as well as vocal pleasant to listen to. Carrier her feel huge as well as taut through the gate, while the clutch as well as steering arm can be identical weight. Allied with the fragility of the throttle response, all This kind of makes the powertrain seems keen as well as willing to work

Mind you, the item must work in order to make 3 feels fast – as well as any Thus we come to specific performance, which can be working on This kind of hatchback level. Unless you’ve just driven than ever hatchback diesel, as well as probably will not jump to almost 0 horsepower Ford as well as blown rate will accelerate. although funnily enough, as well as in which only adds to the appeal.

all four of these cars will go hard enough to feel in which they are serious. Difficult enough to excite you, to overcome the effort, to participate inside the leadership you process them, as well as certainly to cover the ground more quickly than the majority of the several-door family. although not too hard to make you worry in which a little bit by time to time indulgence on the preferred route will inevitably lead to the removal of your driving license.

There are car faster as well as slower here, of course. Our timing equipment confirms the superiority of Vauxhall on the pace of the express, which turned out to be unquestionable (see table, P43). The only car to dip under 7.0sec to 60mph as well as hit his rivals by more than 5.0sec who 100mph, Astra grunt delivers greater than its competitors completely size. For the record, 2009 was a game Golf GTI any faster. The engine features a throttle honorable response as well as loads of torque mid-range, as well as high courses completely free TACHO. Although the carrier as well as the gripper arm feels a bit dull, does not prevent you by marveling at how desperately £ 20,000 Vauxhall can be persuaded to go.

However, we’re not truly inside the region which are likely to steal the show the fastest car. There will always be faster than the hatchback £ 20,000 will buy, after all. Even the 1.4-liter engine puts him inside the seat of any first or second place inside the two disciplines sprinting we measured earn credit on an equal footing for the Astra. Although the item can be a little suffers by turbo lag below 2000rpm, the engine feels very torquey once the turbo spools up as well as sessions promptly.

3 undoubtedly feel like a slower car here, he has less medium-term orientation as well as most of the momentum needs to be driven quickly (though the item’s torque you’ll revel inside the decision). The funny thing can be in which the focus can be slower against the clock when accelerating to 60mph by standing solitary tenth of a second more flexible when withdrawing by 30-70mph in fourth gear.

while the handover of power to the Mazda feels pin -sharp, as well as Ford feels meek as well as gentle accordance with the criteria diesel, especially inside the middle gears world, where the item’s almost as if limiting ECU rotation output to protect the gearbox torque. While every full-Jouf gearchange at Mazda feels precise as well as accurate inside the corresponding rewards its driver, they are marked by frustrating the passage of the pay-jet long break inside the trend forward in Ford. As clear as the Vauxhall engine rules the roost here, props as well as Ford pile up only a very simple way.

Where Ford hits back inside the traditional builder of strength area. Get the lowered sport suspension in which comes with both Zetec S, as well as the focus can be the best deal here with the automobile, which comes as encouraging news. The medium-delivery company, riding rubber feet which has a flat, taut Centeng control, as well as respond to the treatment, balanced as well as gravity, as well as steer clear cut. Damping car salad can be Great enough to easily deal with the hole in a decent-sized road hit inside the pace halfway around a corner, as well as better than any of its competitors, although the spring rates on the management also leave room for a bit of softness as well as compliance.

Next in order of creditworthiness dynamic comes seat, which can be on par with the precision as well as direct manipulation such as Ford as well as almost feel as balanced nicely through the corners. They do not ride quietly as well as focus – can be due to a modest part, I suspect, to the wheels 18in optional test car we have – although generally the item can be capable of everything as well as a lot of factors Entertainment

This kind of Astra can be not a problem either focus or Leon can be here the item can be greatly regretted, because if I got even close to the mark, you will walk away with the contest. although the suspension of Vauxhall, which have not been tweaked, although shared with all Astra hatchback cars as well as various other settings, as well as makes for a campaign illogical. as well as appearing soft feel as well as long travel on the test blocks as well as bumps, as well as the dampers are not able to prevent the Centeng by the automobile bouncing alarmingly by one to the various other. As exacerbates every deviation unchecked weight contrary to feel in command, as well as the net result can be 197 bhp to be transmitted through front axle relatively soft add the disorder in your intended line with each application of power.

puts 3 on the more respectable performance, as well as acquisitions entirely, although riding which has a feeling oversprung as well as underdamped too little guidance with direct change, which makes the item difficult to guide the item may be.

, which truly leaves only one winner, as the time comes to TOT reach degrees – only one car in which showed strength in every major region are: speed inside the real world, the determination of the design as well as specifications, as well as to deal with the versatility as well as value. Leon 1.4 EcoTSI FR recovering a shame because they have entered the test less peak power at the show to compete in tone largest competitors more expensive than Ford as well as Vauxhall. Lyon feels like a car which has a cracking structure enlivened by the power as well as performance in which the item deserves, with competitors having developed to This kind of level of maturity, either under the hood or inside wheelhouses. Although they may not be the most exciting driver’s car inside the planet, the item can be easily the most exciting one in yours.

1 – Seat Leon 1.4 EcoTSI FR

Rating 4.5 / 5; cost £ 20525, 0-62mph 8.0sec. Maximum speed 134mph. Economics (together) 60.1mpg. CO2 / emissions tax band 114G / km, 19%, sidewalk weight 1305kg. engine format 4 cyls, 1395cc, turbo, petrol, strength 148bhp at 5000-6000rpm. torque 184lb ft at 1500-3500rpm. Manual box 6-speed. Insurance Group / quote 18E, £ 562

0-60mph 7.8sec. 0-100mph 23.9sec. 30-70mph 7.8sec. 30-70mph in fourth place 10.6sec. MPG true 41.3mpg

2 – Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost Zetec S Red edition

classification 4/5. cost £ 21,995, 0-62mph 8.6sec. Maximum speed 138mph. Economics (joint) 51.4mpg. CO2 / emissions tax band 127g as well as / km, 22%, sidewalk weight 1325kg. engine format 4 cyls, 1499cc, turbo, petrol, strength 180bhp at 6000rpm. torque 177lb ft at 1600rpm. Manual box 6-speed. Insurance Group / quote 19E, 580 £

0-60mph 9.0sec. 0-100mph 23.9sec. 30-70mph 8.0sec. 30-70mph in fourth place 11.5sec. MPG true 39.6mpg

3 – Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Turbo Lanka mobility

Rating 3.5 / 5; cost £ 21,135, 0-62mph 6.6sec (60mph); maximum speed 146mph. Economics (joint) 47.1mpg. CO2 / emissions tax band 139g / km, 24%, sidewalk weight 1350kg. engine format 4 cyls, 1598cc, turbo, petrol, strength 197bhp at 4700-5500rpm. torque 221lb ft at 1700-4700rpm. Manual box 6-speed. Insurance Group / quote 19E, 580 £

0-60mph 9.0sec. 0-100mph 23.9sec. 30-70mph 8.0sec. 30-70mph in fourth place 11.5sec. MPG true 39.6mpg

4 – Mazda 3 2.0 Skyactiv-G 165 Sport mobility

Rating 3.5 / 5; cost £ 22170, 0-62mph 8.2sec (60mph); maximum speed 130mph. Economics (joint) 48.7mpg. CO2 / emissions tax band 135G / km, 24%, sidewalk weight 1369kg. engine format 4 cyls, 1998cc, turbo, petrol, strength 163bhp at 5000-6000rpm. torque 155lb ft at 4000rpm. Manual box 6-speed. Insurance Group / quote 22E, 640 £

0-60mph 9.0sec. 0-100mph 23.9sec. 30-70mph 8.0sec. 30-70mph in fourth place 11.5sec. MPG true 39.6mpg

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Source: Seat Leon, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra versus Mazda 3 – warm hatch group test

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