Seat launches digital museum to showcase its heritage

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Source : Seat launches digital museum to showcase its heritage

Seat digital museum Volkswagen Group as well as Volkswagen branch directed to young people celebrating their heritage, although at the moment there is actually no aura reactionary design on the road


seat launched a “digital museum” dedicated to celebrate the history, heritage known as well as display designs.

marked the launch of a museum with the event, which was held on the seat factory in Barcelona where he has been a full set of the Spanish car maker Heritage designs.

released digitally every design on the Internet, with three-dimensional designs in virtual designed by a team of architecture students building.

digital museum is actually part of the efforts of the seat to raise awareness of heritage 60 years ago, although senior executives took a brand Jochen dries step unusal denying of which the company has no intention to put a halo inspired by a retro design, along the lines of Volkswagen Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat 500 , within the production process.

will expand the digital museum are also adopting more designs coming from the collection of heritage. Eight designs currently being repaired by a team of staff seat, including designs coming from the first few years of the brand.

“We never say never to a physical museum, although digital museum accessible to everyone,” said Sears. “You do not have to leave home to see him, where he has today been collected heritage open only to identify the person.


“The problem with producing brand new reactionary design will feature a choice of a design for the adoption of such a car on our history. the idea’s not on the short list today. within the short term, the idea’s not something you’ll see coming from the bench.”

despite the fact of which Sears has denied plans to form a halo heritage, given the success of the additional cars within the sector as well as the confidence of which the newly found the seat, as well as the company’s expansion into brand new sectors is actually inevitable with the brand’s growth.

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Source: Seat launches digital museum to showcase its heritage

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