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Seat Ateca SUV seat ATECA can be the first of two completely new SUVs as well as confirmed to be launched by the brand. We’ve been to Spain to get early driving impressions within the form given to qashqai in April within the second generation, as well as sold by the pregnancy bucket, you can say a seat in a little late to the SUV party.However the idea hopes to make the ground up quickly; May the idea will open order books on This particular completely new seat ATECA to challenge the Qashqai, also the idea confirmed of which the rival Jock smaller acceding confirmed next Wu details ATECA per minute can be yet to be finalized, yet here’s what we know so far: there ‘ll be three trims ranging through £ of S 17990, followed by the SE, then Xcellence type occupies the first place among the group, which should come in £ 30,000.Engines will include two petrols as well as three diesels, more to choose through among the six days will speed manual or automatic optional gearboxes framework double clutch, as well as four-wheel drive will be available on diesels.The ATECA built off the platform within the ubiquitous Volkswagen MQB group which also supports the upcoming completely new Tiguan, so the skeptics among you may see This particular as nothing yet a reformulation of those seat car.yet keen to point ATECA to have been designed through day one as a sports lifestyle, yet incorporates a very different character because the idea can be pricier VW stablemate.the idea the idea certainly got a lot of completely new kit. the idea will include a traffic jam assistance options, which, like the Mercedes S-Class car, will ease the impact of bottlenecks of which are moving slowly through the work on the gas pedal as well as brakes as well as steering for you as well as if falling asleep behind the wheel, a state of emergency help system will try to provoke you a voice, followed by the beating of brakes. If This particular does not do the job, the ATECA take matters into her hands, as well as present himself to stop, keeping on track, as well as stick to its dangers. At This particular point the truck driver at This particular point angry behind may use more traditional means to wake you up through your smart slumber.For generation, MirrorLink Apple CarPlay will be available to allow you to connect your phone if you go for information as well as entertainment system, the highest specifications. This particular can be also the reading to the completely new text, Twitter as well as Facebook messages, as well as allows you to dictate the answer if you are desperate for comment on the job. the idea’s even got the ability to let you create your own screen gestures to shorten your commands.We’ve most favorite paid 148bhp 2.0-liter diesel with manual gearbox as well as four-wheel drive, as well as the idea’s fair to say the idea’s not the smoothest engine. There can be a bit of a thrum diesel fuel as well as some vibration through the controls. He said of which This particular can be the type of pre-production, so we can cut him some slack, especially of which of diesel 187bhp tried also seems to be largely smoother.Still, diesel provides less energy as well as pace of everyday life decent. Up to four up, as well as begins to withdraw through the bottom 2000rpm as well as carries on doing so until about 4000rpm. However, if you are on a real charge as well as you need to override the fast country roads, you need to review the idea difficult to work the gears to get the idea going.Thankfully gearbox can be smooth as well as light, considering This particular isn car ‘t the completion of This particular article, the idea can be sorted within the rest of the weights remarkable control. Powerful brakes with not bad pedal feel, while the leadership – provided of which the idea left in its normal setting as well as avoid heavy sports put too much – can be a progressive as well as direct.In fact, ATECA gets on Spanish roads around quirky with little fuss. Even under torture can be still well controlled, as well as provides a not bad grip, as well as the idea’s certainly more fun along the thread of Qashqai.As Therefore, the idea can be a constant ride, yet within the way the Spanish remained always likely. In fact, damping decent rebound prevents unnecessary, while the public can be absorbed without defects only sometimes a lot of jingle fuss.the idea over the hills more pronounced secondary as well as ride bustling let down. Comment unreasonable quiet, too, as can be the road noise on 18in wheels, although the door mirrors to raise a lot of noise within the wind speeds. Cabin design will be familiar to anyone who sits in Lyon, the current seat; as well as has This particular to say, everything has ended well. ATECA soft material on the upper surfaces of the look as well as feel of high quality, although plastic scratchier get farther down you go, the idea’s not bad with little standards.There error class using a leadership position, either. As you’d expect, the idea’s a noble appropriately, using a lot of adjustment as well as all the major controls are clustered thoughtfully around you. CNN thick columns as well as corner block a significant portion of the rear three-quarters, yet our car park in an optional help as well as helped the camera birds eye ease This particular.Up front, there’s room For 2 adults as well as tall seats offer plenty of support. as well as the idea’s the same story at the rear, although the rear seats do not slide or recline as they do within the completely new boot Tiguan.The not as big as the Tiguan, either, yet still swallow a couple of medium-sized bags or buggy. There can be debate about whether the word can be double-height boot will be standard, yet nevertheless equipped as well as within the upper preparation there can be a lot of lip pregnancy, although you still get a little step with levers as well as rear seats folded.The to drop them conveniently situated by the back door, which has the power to open as well as closing option, activated by a waggle of your foot under the rear bumper.Should you buy one? Well, This particular can be always a difficult one to respond when we have not got all the facts, yet first impressions look not bad. the idea seems a seat created a practical, sharp SUV as well as looking, as well as of which could end up being one of the strongest in its class also have to pay. The best advice of which we have to be postponed to make the process of buying an SUV if you can. ATECA This particular seat could be a not bad one to win when he arrived in showrooms in August.Seat ATECA 2.0 TDI 150 4DrivePrice of £ 17990 starts, engine 4 cyls, 1968cc as well as diesel. 148bhp power in 3500-4000rpm. 251lb ft of torque at 1750-3000rpm. 0-62mph 8.6sec. 122mph top speed. 6-speed manual gearbox tray. Sidewalk weight 1548kg. 57.6mpg economy (together). CO2 1280g / km 0.25% (EDT)
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Source: Seat Ateca

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