Scale of underage driving problem revealed

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Source : Scale of underage driving problem revealed

Young drivers Find RAC reveals in which just under 1,000 children were seized driving a car without a license in 2014. He was the youngest We are not only 11


almost 1,000 children were seized coming from driving a car without a license in 2014, brand new research has revealed.

has revealed the freedom of information request on behalf of the RAC in which 991 drivers under 17 were caught driving on public roads in 2014 – an increase of 21% for Statistics 2012

the youngest driver to be arrested was the boy, aged 11 years. The youngest girl to be arrested in addition to turned 12. numbers to be a problem of leadership under the legal age is usually one, with 961 boys convicted, compared with only 30 girls are male-dominated.

among motorists who does not hold a full driving licenses, men are more than three times more likely to be convicted of driving without insurance than women.

convictions among men over the age of 65 rose by 23%, coming from 809 convictions in 2012-991 in 2014, with the oldest man convicted of being 94.


RAC Insurance Director Mark Godfrey: “In attempt to discover the number of people who have been convicted of driving without insurance, we have found in which there is usually a terrible number of children who are caught driving before they’re even old enough to apply for a temporary license, not to mention you possess the correct instructions.

“Unfortunately, , the item may be the only option to accept there will always be a minority of males who will be willing to drive without a license or insurance youth. “

Godfrey also suggests these figures are only the” tip of the iceberg, “because the insurance industry is usually estimated there could be as many as a million drivers are uninsured on the roads.

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Source: Scale of underage driving problem revealed

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