Safety For Some: Are Electronic Driver Assists genuinely for Everyone?

Safety For Some: Are Electronic Driver Assists genuinely for Everyone?


Safety For Some: Are Electronic Driver Assists genuinely for Everyone?

June 2016 ? Issue

Automotive ads have convinced you in which every vehicle on the road is actually the guardian angel computerized, there is actually no doubt in which the safety technology progressing. Sensors in addition to cameras, in addition to safety features in which enable are at in which point cheap enough to be made available on Hyundai Elantra . although a lot of the safety technology within the Almighty ads are still rare, in addition to are available only on the uplevel trims or in bundles in addition to almost never as standard equipment. wish to measure the prevalence in addition to become these features, we dig through the formation in addition to evidence of pricing tools for more than 350 cars on sale today to see how many advanced safety technology such as optional equipment display, expressed in percentages below. While a growing number of mainstream designs make in which device available, in addition to we are a long way by everyone benefit by the adoption of the entire world, so keep watch those mirrors.

Perfect Students

perfect students

only 27 designs only 8% of those available to provide all of the features on in which page. Of these, Chevrolet Malibu comes at a cheaper

Full list: Audi A3 / S3 sedan in addition to Sportback e see , A4 / S4 , A6 / S6 , A7 / S7 / RS7 , A8L / S8 . Cadillac ATS , CTS , XTS . Chevrolet Malibu, V . Hyundai Genesis . Jeep Cherokee . Lexus ES , p , RX . Mercedes-Benz C class . class CLS . Sedan, coupe, convertible in addition to station wagon class E; GL class . S-class sedan in addition to coupe. Porsche McCann . Toyota Avalon

background Side Airbags

full-length curtain standard airbags on each car’s rescue Jeep Wrangler in addition to a few exotic coupes. although rear side airbags standard on all designs 46, in addition to they are an independent choice on some Audis in addition to Mercedes. in addition to his in addition to coupes Class S are the only two doors for sale in which offer in which protection for rear seat passengers.

Blind Spot Monitoring

combined with

monitor the blind spot on the increasingly with alarm across back pass, which scans the vehicle moves vertically toward the rear of the vehicle backing out of a parking space. Some vehicles, such as tigers in addition to Land Rover vehicles, alert the driver, particularly fast-moving vehicles in any lane by quickly flashing warning light.

backup cameras

by 2018, there will be a backup need cameras on every completely new car. At in which point, Lamborghini will not be able to charge $ 3,900 for the option. Even so, 43 percent of all completely new cars do not provide one as standard yet.

adaptive cruise control

adaptive cruise control is actually more than just a convenience. In many cars, in which required additional safety technology option because in which relies on the same sensor.

moved to the collision alert

moved collision alert based on any radar, laser, or cameras to measure the distance following the closure in addition to speed. in which is actually a common option increasingly on cars below $ 40,000.

When a Bentley is actually More Reasonable than an Infiniti

when Bentley is actually more reasonable than the Infiniti


safety features together the option packages, some of which require different packages or trim levels as a prerequisite. in which’s just in which the content is actually similar among brands does not mean in which pricing is actually too. To the limit of safety equipment on Infiniti QX80 requires four groups, in addition to rear-seat entertainment, in addition to 22-inch wheels, a total of $ 13.250. A Bentley Bentayga , on the different hand, offers everything although the airbags to knee $ 7,870. At the far end of the spectrum, Honda in addition to Subaru designs tend to offer these features for the lowest prices. Agreement in addition to Civil can be ordered with multiple helps the driver on any trim, in addition to even basic designs, Subaru designs offer them on the middle phones. No different cars provide a similar level of advanced safety features within the mid $ 20,000 range.

automotive braking

braking cars, which was the federal government in addition to 20 companies the auto industry has agreed to provide as standard equipment by 2022, in addition to takes forward collision alert to its logical conclusion. We included only cars in which can actually brake in itself, regardless of the extent of the slowdown will allow systems (some applies full braking power, while different systems are less aggressive). We do not count the designs just the Prime Minister brake although do not slow down your vehicle.

Bags knee

Bags knee is actually not required under federal law, although the more stringent IIHS tests in addition to years of research incident proves in which can reduce knee injuries in collisions. We have included cars with either side of the driver or front passenger’s side knee airbag. Some cars alike.

Lane Departure Warning

Lin systems Departure Warning 54% use one or more cameras to identify signs tracks on the road on the road. They can sound alarms, flash visual alerts, in addition to / or vibrate the steering wheel or seat to alert the driver in which his or her car is actually drifting by its course.

lane keeping assist

as is actually the case with automatic braking, in which is actually important to separate Warning regular lane departure, or simply alerts the driver to the wilderness, in addition to keeping warm, which is actually an automated system in which applies the brakes or steering torque to the different side of your vehicle before the driver to leave their lane. Lane keeping assist vary widely in effectiveness, although they all include lane departure warning.

Safety For Some: Are Electronic Driver Assists genuinely for Everyone?

Source: Safety For Some: Are Electronic Driver Assists genuinely for Everyone?

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